Welcome your audience. This is your landing page of your ePortfolio.  This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and welcome your audience to your site. What can they expect to see? Describe your overall learning experience. Be inviting and positive! You want people to stick around and look through the rest of your resources!

Personalize your space.  Its important for you to "personalize" your ePortfolio. 
  1. Rename your ePortfolio. Under the Gear button (top right of this screen), click "Manage".  
  2. You can also edit the ePortfolio layout or change the colors and themes. Be sure to choose colors that are pleasing to the eye.   (To access these features, go under the Gear button and either select Manage OR Edit Layout.) To help you with web design,  read the short tutorial  An Introduction to Color Theory for Web Designers

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