General Reminders
1. Students should have their assignment notebooks filled out each night when they get home from school.  All homework should be marked with an H.  When it is completed they can put a check mark over the H to indicate it is finished.

2. Please sign your child's assignment notebook each evening after seeing their completed homework.

3. 5th Graders should be reading 75 minutes a week or 5 times a week for 15 minutes.  This will increase with each quarter.  

4.  Book logs will be handed out on Wednesdays and due the following Wednesday.  Please initial your child's reading log before he/she hands it in on Wednesday.

Welcome to my webpage.  You can check this page each night for announcements and assignments.

I do allow students to bring in handheld technology to use for educational purposes.  This is done with your permission and the school is not responsible for damaged or lost handhelds.  Therefore, this is an agreement between you and your child.  We use it for vocabulary lessons, graphic organizers and trivia.  If your child does not have a handheld or you do not want them to bring it to school, they will not be denied any educational opportunity to learn the skill we are working on in that lesson.

Google Docs Directions:  Your child may have a word processing (typing) assignment that they will have to complete.  I like to use Google Docs because it is web based and the students can work on their project both at home and at school by logging in.  The directions to use Google Docs are:

1.    Go to Valders Area School District Website
2.    Click on Valders Middle School
3.    Click on Student Parent Info.
4.    Click on Student Links Page
5.    Click on Google Docs
6.    Child types in their username
7.    Child types in password 

All assignments should be done in pencil and in cursive when at all possible.  We are now heading  into the second semester, and we are trying to prepare them for expectations for next year.

Reading AR Book Tests

There are no book ar's due this summer.