Comic Generators

Comic Creator Links & Resources:

Using comics or graphic novels as a teaching tool is not new to many educators, but now with digital technologies we can offer students another level of engagement. From story telling to political commentary, Web2.0 comic generators/creators allow us to easily create and publish student work. 
Comics can range from  simple 2D non-animated illustrations to multi scene animated cartoons. This page focuses on the simple 2D comics which can range from a one frame to the multi page graphic novel. 


Stripgenerator is a free comic creator with unique pre-made characters, images are black and white, and its extremely simple to use. You can create without an account, or login and save and share your comics with the StripGenerator community. It's more for older students due to the social network feature, strips are not filtered though since the characters are pre-made, it would be the text that might be inappropriate. 

2. SuperHero Squad using Marvel Comic Characters

SuperHero Squad is an easy comic creator with pre-made characters from the Marvel Comic Series. No accounts needed, you simply start creating with choices for number of frames, backgrounds, characters, and bubble talks. You can save as a PDF  file or print directly. To publish to the web, upload the PDF to Google Docs and publish the file. 

Here is another example of SuperHero Squad saved as a PDF and uploaded to Google Docs Transfomer SuperHeros below is an image taken from a "print screen." 

Makebeliefscomix is a good tool for younger students, it's free and doesn't require a user account to create a comic. Publishing is done by printing or saving as a PDF. 

Toondoo offers a free creator with many option for customizing your own characters, adding your own images, and multiple frame selections. Publish to their site, or print as pdf . A nice kid friendly tool, has an option for purchasing educational account for secure sharing. 

    Publish on Toondoo or print as a pdf ...Cloned Comics link.

Bitstrips allows you to publish your strip and get the embed code to embed into your blog or site as a strip or slideshow. It is a social network where users share and comment,  so there may be some inappropriate comics on the site. There is a School Account option for a fee.

6. ReadWriteThink comic creator

    Example of RWT... Comics in School (this was created in RWT , saved as a PDF, uploaded & published in Google Docs.)

ReadWriteThink is a simple comic creator; multiple frames to chose from,  no color, simple character selections, a few backgrounds, bubble talks, and some objects. No account required and no commercial trappings. 

Myths and Legends is a bit more than a comic strip creator, it allows you to also record audio, make animations, select multiple pages; more like a semi-animated Graphic Novel.  It has pre-made sets, characters and objects based on historical and mythical themes but allows you to upload your own. It's a none commercial site created by an educator for educators/students and provides a teacher account so you can manage your students, but it takes some time to figure out the interface and begin using it. 


A simple comic generator but you must register. Easy to use, can upload your own images, provides embed codes and links for publishing. Commercial and social features might make it problematic for using with younger students. 

a comic strip!

9. BBC ComicMaker 

Characters and sets based on the TV Show Doctor Who. A free comic creator tool, allows you to print your final results but no web publishing on their site. Again, you can publish the PDF using Google Docs. 

 10. Using Google Docs as a comic generator

Google Docs is an easy way to create and publish comics using your own images and talk bubbles. You can start with either a Google Doc or Google Presentation. The following were created using Presentation; simply by uploading images to slides and inserting Google Drawing to add talk bubbles. Images were edited in Paint.Net using an outline filter. 

In the Clouds

Chicken Experiment

Connects to your Flickr account where you insert bubble/speech clouds into it, was a little buggy in Chrome.

Not for young students, has some nice features but some inappropriate pictures as it allows people to upload their own images. 

May not be for younger students, it is a social site with connections to Facebook, Twitter and is mainly commercial but provides a free creator. Tends to be buggy when working with the creator, but the characters and theme is really fun. You can publish on their site, get the embed code or print to pdf. Here is an example of a  pdf uploaded to my Google Docs and shared; WCSU Teachers off for Summer.