Spice Trade

 By studying the Spice Trade, students will understand not only the benefits of spices, but how spices have been apart of human lives for thousands of years.

Procedures:  First, the students will select a spice and research where it is from, how it is harvested, its medicinal qualities, what properties drove human demand and many additional background questions. Second, students will build a website demonstrating what they have learned about their spice. Finally, a QR code linked to the students spice website will be generated and placed next to the actual spice being displayed at a school exhibition about the Spice Trade.

 Student Support: This site provides models of what needs to be achieved, step-by-step guides/grade sheets and online video tutorials


 Image    SubjectApplication Purpose Description Model Piece Grade Sheet Video Training
Google SitesProjectStudents will learn about spices and how they relate to our lives.(Refer to Google Sites Training above.)
Google Sites  Google Sites Training Students will learn the skills necessary to create a website using Google SitesModel Piece Google SitesGrade Sheet Google SitesVideo Tutorial Google Sites

 VideoYou Tube TrainingStudents will learn the skills necessary to create a video using a Chrome book and You Tube. They will be taught how to edit it and insert it into a project.

When you view the "Filming a Scene" video, you will see that it takes at least two people to film a scene. The first person holds the Chrome Book and the second looks at the screen and tells the first person if the frame/angle is correct.


Filming a Scene: 
Video Creation
You Tube
Video Tutorial to create a Chrome book video
 QR Codes QR Code 
Generator & Reader.
 TrainingStudents will only be able to present their findings during one period even though viewers will be entering the demonstration room throughout the day to see the projects. QR codes will allow the viewer to see the student's presentation without them there.