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This page was designed to be a support resource for those students who were unable to attend class the day instruction was taking place (sports, ill, clubs, family reunions, etc.). It covers all content presented in class, including the assignments, gradesheets and self-paced video tutorials.

 Image    Subject  Application Purpose Description Model Piece GradeSheetTraining Video
 Early Man       
 GoogleDocs Google Docs Training Students will learn the skills to create a dynamic handout using Google Docs.

 Model Piece Google Docs. Gradesheet Google Docs. Google Doc Training
Early Man  Google Docs Project

Students will research specific info. regarding hominids and present their findings in a handout they will create using Google Docs. In the process, they will be practicing their Cornell Note Taking Skills.
 Cornell Notes Template Homo Erectus Ref.
 Australopithecus Ref.  Neanderthalensis Ref.
 Homo Habilis Ref. Homo Sapien Sapien Ref.

 Model Early Man Document

 Early Man Document Gradesheet (Refer to Google Docs Training Above.)