Culminating Art Work

 Students will choose a work of art they created and are proud of. They will articulate how they created the art piece and share their thoughts on why this is their favorite piece.

Procedures:  First, the students will select their favorite work of art. Second, they will reflect upon the principles they followed, state the materials they used, and explain why this is their favorite art piece. The students will then create a film using their Chrome Books to share this information. Finally, on Back to School Night, the art work that the student selected will be displayed, and attached to it will be a QR Code that will link the viewers to the videos made by the students.

 Student Support: This site provides models of what needs to be achieved, step-by-step guides/grade sheets and online video tutorials


 Image    SubjectApplication Purpose Description Model Piece Grade Sheet Video Training
Art: Culminating PieceYou TubeProjectStudents will select a piece of art that they have created and then on film, explain how they made it and why it is there favorite. 

(Refer to the You Tube Training below for instructions on how to create a video on You Tube.)
 VideoYou Tube TrainingStudents will learn the skills necessary to create a video using a Chrome book and You Tube. They will be taught how to edit it and insert it into a project.
(Style: Interview)

Video Creation
You Tube
Video Tutorial to create a video on You Tube

 QR Codes QR Code 
Generator & Reader.
 TrainingThe art work will be displayed at Back to School Night for the parents to see. A QR Code will be attached to each piece of art. Parents can scan the code and instantaneously watch the student explain how they made it and why it is their favorite.