Student Alliance is a multi-student organizations which covers all areas of pharmacy. APhA/UPhA is focused in community/retail, while ASHP/USHP is clinical focused.

http://www.roseman.edu/          http://www.pharmacist.com/          http://www.ashp.org/

   Why You Should Join Student Alliance Today!!! 

  • We are a great group of people dedicated to furthering our education, improving our clinical skills, and contributing to our community. 

  • We participate in a variety of events, such as a 5K fun run, various health fair activities and educational presentations to high school students. 

  • We have a variety of resources to explore various career paths in the field of pharmacy and provide great opportunities to network. 

  • We provide opportunities for students to interact with each other and learn as many tips as possible to succeed in our program. 

  • We implement various fundraisers throughout the year to help support those in need in our community.

  • We are an organization founded by strong leaders and provide a vast amount of leadership opportunities for anyone who is interested. 

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