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I. Wallace
    A. Need volunteers
    B. This Saturday and Sunday
    C. Noon-4pm
    D. 2 hour shift
II. Haunted Theatre
    A. Story submission - Talk to Dunbar
    B. Design your room on the form
    C. Turn form into Sophia, Maaz, and Dunbar
    D. Take risks and be creative
III.    Improv shirts
    A. Purchase shirts online
    B. Buy shirts to support the teams
    C. Sale ends October 7
    D. Link -
IV.    Drama Club Shirts
    A. For purchase soon
V.    Waitress
    A. Tickets $60
    B. Dec. 10th -1:00 PM
    C. Money due NEXT WEEK
    D. At the Des Moines Performing Arts Center
    E. Turn in money to Mrs. Kohler in the main office!
VI.     Headshots
    A. In Mrs. Peter’s room (Art room)
    B. Get them done by next Thursday
VII.    Freaky Friday Auditions
    A. At Circa 21
    B. Talk to Myatt
    C. It’s a professional gig represent PV well
    D. Performance is on the workshop day in February
VII. Skellington Manner
    A. Haunted Housing Drama Club outing
    B. $15
    C. Scary…. Very scary
    D. Student lead event
         1. no adults present
         2. be sure to ask parents for permission
         3. upperclassmen will drive underclassmen
VIII.  Drowsy Chaperone Set
    A. Set arrives Tuesday, October 10
    B. Help unload
IX.       Mock Trial Club
    A.  Need people to be witnesses
    B.  Great if you’re interested in improv and law
X.    STO - Congrats Anna Myatt for being nominated

9/7/17 Notes

  1. Football Game

    1. Talk to Halle to raise money for Hurricane Harvey

  2. Drowsy Chaperone

    1. Crew Calls are starting

      1. Check VSM for details

      2. Talk to Crew Heads if interested in crews

    2. Painting the stage on 9/17/17

      1. Check VSM

  3. Haunted Theatre

    1. Talk to Maaz about leadership in the event

  4. Waitress

    1. December trip the 2nd weekend?   

      1. Sunday Matinee

  5. Tour of the Theatre

    1. Next meeting

  6. Iowa Thespian Festival

    1. November 10th and 11th (Friday and Saturday)

    2. Shows

      1. Next to Normal

      2. Peter and the Starcatcher

      3. Almost Made

      4. Piece of my Heart

    3. Workshops

    4. Fill out Google Form


      2. If interested in IE, please indicate in form

      3. Fill out by September 12th

    5. Fill out paper forms

      1. Travel Form

      2. Health and Consent

        1. Turn it into John Mendelin by September 21st

    6. Support Maaz as an STO!

  7. STO

    1. If interested in running and are not a senior, talk to Maaz

      1. STO “Auditions” in 2 weeks

Must have attended Leadership Day in early August THIS YEAR

Drama Meeting 8/31/17

  1. VSM


      1. Code “pvspartandrama”

      2. Put in Name NO NICKNAME

        1. Parents use nickname “Parent-Last Name”

      3. Put in Contact Information

  2. Drama Family Orientation

    1. 9/5/17 at 6 pm

      1. Talk to family (parents, siblings) about the year

      2. Pizza for all families!

  3. Haunted Theatre

    1. Theme: Mental Asylum

    2. Geared towards younger kids

    3. October 27th, 2017

  4. Headshots

    1. Wear black!

    2. See Mrs. Peters

      1. Room 287 (Upstairs)

  5. Tattoo Sales

    1. Sold them at football games

    2. Volunteer to sell tattoos

      1. See Halle for details

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