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Reader Advisory

The Reader's Advisory helps you
figure out
what to read next.

Let the Web Help You Decide!              Looking for a specific genre?

 Gnooks Literature Map:
No account needed! Simply type in the full name of the author you like, hint spelling counts, and Gnoks creates this cool map of author's names. The names closest to the author you typed in are the most similar in style.

YourNextRead: Create a book map based on what you've read to find what you should read next!

Create a free account. Then pick your favorite genres, rate books you've previously read, and Good Reads provides you with spot on recommendations for what you should read next.You can also create a book reading challenge for yourself!

Please note: These links are intended to provide a list of books in a genre.  The links are not an endorsement for any particular title and some titles are not available at the PVJH because they are not age appropriate.