Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to all of our athletes!!
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  7th Boys Basketball
8th Boys Basketball
7th Swimming
 8th Swimming


 Week 1

 Alec Hennings

 Sam Robinson

 Week 2

Bryce Rubel


 Grant Tebbe

Jack Thompson

Porter Groves

Mike Vanderschaaf

 Week 3:

Joe Gaya

Ethan Thompson

 Parker Sutherland

Seth Claussen

Stiles Walker

 Week 4:

Ben Schroeder

Ryan Thoreson 

Cameron Adams

Nathan Boleyn

Kellen Hornbuckle




 Week 5:

Brian Collins 

Caden Kipper 

Michael Musal

Ryan Anderson




 Week 6:
Justin Ancelet

 Charlie Crouse

Rafay Cheema

Ryan Mumey

 Week 7 

Jacob Townsend

8th grade blue AOW for the A team is Jacob Townsend. Jacob has consistently been our leading scorer and rebounder. Jacob plays with great effort and energy. He is a very skilled player that makes those around him better. Jacob is a very coachable player that brings a positive attitude to practice each night. Congratulations Jacob!

Eric Royer
Caden Kipper

Caden Kipper: This year Caden has been similar to “The Kragel” from the Lego Movie. In the fact that he is the glue that holds our team together. At the beginning of the year I heard a prophecy of a 7th grader that was “a talented lass or beast, a special one with a face of peach, will make the team complete and score without missing a beat. And with a noble army at the helm, this dominating force will be the Kragle and save the realm, and be the greatest, most interesting, most important player of this time (week) . All this is true, because it rhymes.”

Congrats Kipper!!!


Cassidy Peterson