Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to all of our athletes!!


Season 2 7th Girls Basketball 8th Girls Basketball 7th & 8th Wrestling 
 Week 1:
Elizabeth Tessen – It was a great week of practice for PV’s white team and Elizabeth showed the grit, determination, and effort that epitomize the Spartan spirit.  She didn’t take a play off throughout the week and improved her game heading into the first week of games.

7th Grade Blue team – Emma Melz has been a force to reckon with and she has led her teammates in drills and been a great leader on and off the court. I look forward to what she accomplishes this year!



The athlete of the week for the 8th Grade Blue Team is Isabel Russman.  Isabel has shown throw the first week of practice that she listens well to her  coach.  She has worked hard, shown very good effort, and always has a smile on her face.  Good start to the season Isabel.



Week 2:

Sidney Dolphin – Sidney played a great game for her team earlier in the week as a constant disruptor in passing lanes.  She plays a brand of basketball that demonstrates both high basketball IQ and maximum effort.  Keep pushing yourself, Sidyney!

Maddy Harrison – Maddy dominated against NS scoring a ton of points, grabbing a massive amount of rebounds, and being a presence down low on defense. We are thankful for her and cannot wait to see what she accomplishes this year.



Lexi has been coming to practice everyday with an excellent work ethic.  She also played well in our first game against North Scott and continues to improve as a player every single day!  Lexi's hard work is an excellent example of the Spartan spirit

The athlete of the week for the 8th Grade Blue Team is Lauren WilliamsLauren has shown that she is very coachableHer effort in games and in practice have been very good.  Lauren is a very positive team member.   Congratulations Lauren.


7th Grade-

Alex Schaefer- Alex has impressed the coaching staff with his work ethic and is now turning the work into results.  Alex has started off 2-0 with 2 pins in his first season of wrestling.  We are glad to see him out and proud of his efforts. 


8th Grade-

Kane Zemo- Kane, in his first season of wrestling, has provided us with many signs of promise.  Kane is a very coachable young man with many of the tools that it takes to excel at the sport.  We are all excited to have Kane out for wrestling.  Kane is 2-0 with 2 pins.



 Week 3:


Jane Abraham – Jane has been improving every day in practice, and working her way into the lineup more and more. Her confidence is improving as well as her skill. GREAT JOB JANE!!!

Bea Sears and Lizzie McVey put the work in every practice and the effort is paying off.  Bea and Lizzie helped lead PV White to a tough earned victory over Walcott on Thursday and continue to play with relentless hustle.  Keep it up girls!


The athlete of the week for the 8th Grade Blue Team is Riley Vice Riley has shown she takes her basketball very seriously.  She works hard in practice and listens well to the coach.  She made a last second shot from the corner to clinch our victory against Williams this past week.  Congratulations Riley.

My athlete of the week is Paige Berst.  Paige has done an excellent job of working hard in practice and it is clearly paying off in games.  She had great games against Muscatine West and Walcott this week.  Playing excellent hustle defense against a good point guard from Muscatine West.  Congratulations Paige!


 7th grade – Will Fairman: Will, a first year wrestler, has displayed enthusiasm and a good work ethic this season.  Listening, working, and asking questions to better himself daily.  Will has earned 3 wins on the young season. 

8th grade – Alex Clemons: Alex has been Mr. Consistent.  Alex does a good job of leading by example and going about his business in everything he does.  Alex has a record of 4-0 with 4 pins.


  Week 4:

 Mena Davis – Last night at the NS game she was “cash money.” She dropped in a bucket like she was dropping her milk carton in the garbage after an impressive meal of domination! Great job Mena and we look forward to the rest of the season!  Coach Peterson


My athlete of the week this week is Emily Wood.  Emily had a great week this week as the leading scorer in all 3 of our games.  Including a 21 point effort against North Scott and a 26 point effort against Clinton!  Great work Emily!Thanks, Coach George

The athlete of the week for the 8th Grade Blue Team is Maya Hartz Maya has very good athletic ability that translates to solid defense and rebounding for the Blue team.  Maya has shown to be a hard worker and have a very positive attitude.  Congratulations Maya. Thanks, Coach Carl Bulat




  7th Grade – Ella Schmit

 Ella is a talented wrestler, outstanding competitor, and a great teammate.  Ella has fit right in from Day 1 and currently has 6 wins, including 5 pins. 

8th Grade – Hunter Meyrer: Hunter has provided leadership for our team all year long.  Hunter got off to a “hot start” with a 6-0 record, but then had the misfortune of an injury that ended his junior high season.  Hunter continues to come to practice and meets with a positive attitude, helping out the team in any way that is asked of him. 

Week 5:

Kora Ruff: Kora has been the point guard, leader, glue that holds our team together, and defensive specialist she is able to shut an opponent down like trying to access YouTube from a school computer. This last week has been the toughest test for our team and she has handled the pressure like a season veteran. 

The athlete of the week for the 8th Grade Blue Team is Alyssa Rodiguez.  Alyssa has been an important part of the Blue Team this year.  She works hard, is a good listener, and that translates to being a player that knows what to do when she gets in the game and playing during practice.  Congratulations Alyssa.

My athlete of the week is Megan Strusz
Megan has had an excellent season and has continued to show improvement in practice and games everyday.  Megan plays basketball passionately and with intensity.  Her play in both the A and B games these past few weeks has been great!  Congratulations Megan!

 Coach George




Raymond Robinson- In his first season of wrestling, things are starting to click for Raymond.  At Walcott, we got to see a glimpse of this as Raymond wrestled extremely well and earned himself 2 dominant victories.


Luke Jefferson- Luke has had a great season and is one of our quiet leaders.  Luke’s gains in aggressiveness and confidence this season have been a pleasure to witness.  Luke has a total of 14 wins this season.





Week 6:

Jayne Abraham: Jayne has improved so much this season, she has evolved into one of the best players on our team. Everyday she worked hard and did everything she could to get better. In our last game she was crossing defenders, running the court, and keeping her head up to dish out assists like she was serving a five course dinner for our team at Thanksgiving time. Cassidy Peterson 



My final athlete of the week is the entire team.
I would like the congratulate Paige, Anna C., Corea, Abbie, Ella, Anna K., Reese, Sophia, Lexi, Megan, and Emily on a great season!  I was incredibly impressed with your work ethic and determination as a group all season.  It was a great pleasure to be your coach have a great rest of the year!
Philip George


Josh Pelzer- Josh is a fierce competitor. Throughout the season, Josh has taken on some of the best opponents each meet and has most often come out on top.  Josh has recorded 12 wins on the season.




John Butler- John has had a tremendous season of wrestling.  John brings a constant level of energy to his matches that is hard to match and fun to watch.  John finished the season with 14 wins.