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 Congratulations to all of our athletes!!

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 Week 1:August 28

Emma Gravert 

 It has been said that Emma is much like a cheetah running through the savanna after prey, in that when she sees something she wants she goes for it with all her heart. This first week has been just that for Emma as she has gotten better every day!  

-Coach Cassidy Peterson

Rachel Vanderhaar may be new to the PV jungle, but like the ringtail lemur she adapted well to her new surroundings and worked hard by helping others around her. She is a great addition to the jungle and look forward to all that she will contribute this season!

-Coach Courtney Bielis

Elsa Gilbeck is our 8th grade blue volleyball team’s athlete of the week for August 28th-September 1st.  Elsa has been working hard all week on her skills and does a great job of helping out our 7th graders in the routines we have for practices.  She is always assisting with getting the nets up and partners up with new people during warm ups.  She has a positive attitude that is contagious!  Way to go Elsa
-Coach Stacey Ruff

Grace Engstrom. Grace has gone out of her way to include people in all drills. Grace works extremely hard in every practice and is always willing to help out. 

-Coach Taylor Rockey





  I would like to nominate Luke Knepp. Luke has proven in practice that he has committed a lot of time to running over the summer. Luke won the two mile Spartan Invitational with a time of 11 minutes and 22 seconds. Luke has a great work ethic and  great attitude. Luke also displays great leadership capabilities on the cross country team.
-Coach Dan Bischoff

I've nominated Hayden Evans for her outstanding time at the Spartan Invite. She improved her 2 mile time significantly compared to her time trial earlier that week, which was the exact same course she ran Friday - phenomenal! Looking forward to seeing Hayden push the pace not only for herself but for her teammates as well!

-Coach Beau



I nominated Kiley Callahan for Athlete of the Week. As Kiley’s 8th grade social studies teacher and assistant XC coach, I have witnessed Kiley display leadership qualities both inside and outside the classroom. She is clearly a hard worker and never fails to have a friendly smile for her teachers and peers.

 -Coach Abby Dalen


Tarun Vedula- Tarun is one of our most improved runners from his 7th grade to 8th grade year.  He has worked hard in the offseason and the beginning of the year, and we are excited to see what the season holds for Tarun!

-Coach Marcus Cavanagh



 Week 2:

Grace Tomlinson

This week Grace is serving was similar to a Prairie Hawk's attack on an injured pheasant . She was serving with precision and force so much that the other team was as helpless as the previously mentioned pheasant. She has improved an enormous amount in these first couple weeks, and I look forward to her improvement over the rest of the year.

-Coach Cassidy Peterson



The 8th grade Blue team’s Athlete of the Week is Campbell Wolfe.  This is Campbell’s first year playing volleyball and she has made significant improvements since the first day of practice.  She works very hard and does a great job of applying the feedback she receives from coaches and teammates to the game.  In our win over Clinton last Thursday, she was a ball of fire hustling all over the court and was a digging machine! Way to go Campbell!-Coach Ruff

Tanisha Nanisetty. Tanisha works hard in every practice and every game. She goes out of her way to encourage everyone to do their best and is a great example of a teammate. Tanisha is always willing to learn new skills in order to improve the team as a whole. -Coach Rockey 





PV 8th White’s Players of the Week are Ryan Saddler and Ethan Thompson. These two have been leaders from day one in practice, primarily through their actions because they don’t say much. Saddler has been a dominant force on the line and provided the coaches with a great deal of flexibility on both sides of the ball. Ethan, who I affectionately call my “swiss army knife,” played about 6 different positions in the game and was a force defensively with several sacks and a TD return after sniffing out a screen pass. Success starts up front and these two definitely set the pace! Go Spartans!! 

-Coach Zahn
PV 8th Blue player of the week is Malik Gilmore for his efforts running the ball. He did a great job of finding holes and keeping his pads low as he ran --Coach Duncan

Emma Richards-Emma comes to cross country every day with a positive attitude.  She is a hard worker and has quickly emerged as one of the leaders of our 7th grade girls team.  Emma has already dropped over 2 minutes from her time trial time, and we look forward to seeing her improve even more throughout the season.  Keep up the great work, Emma! Coach Larsen

Christian Fisher- I saw a lot of determination and grit in Christian this past week when he tried staying with his coach during the whole run.  He was tired, but he told himself that he was going to win the run.  Great determination Christian.


Marcus Cavanagh


I am recommending Justin Ancelet for 8th grade boys XC Athlete of the Week. He is a hard worker on and off the course. He already earned a PR between his first and second race this season and is always very respectful to his teachers, coaches and peers.


Thank you,

 Coach Abby Dalen

Sarah Kustes

Sarah has been a very consistent runner and a great teammate. Sarah comes to practice with a great attitude and pushes herself get better every day. Sarah is everything you ask a student-athlete to be. With her work ethic and attitude Sarah will see her times drop as she pushes herself to improve.

Coach Bischoff



 Week 3: September

Addie Patten – Addie Patten was like a phoenix rising from the ashes, just when our team was down and out she came back in to save the day. We needed a lift after our first two losses and Addie was there for just that. She gives her whole heart everyday like a Scarlet Macaw gives her heart to one other. Addie has given her whole heart to our team. Great job Addie!!!

-Coach Cassidy Peterson

Just like a wolf, Kensie Staats is the leader of her pack! Whether it's on the court fighting to keep her team in the game or in the wild of junior high practices, she consistently is someone that the wolf pack will look at for survival and guidance. Kensie is a born leader and we're happy to have her on the 7th grade volleyball team!!

-Coach Bielis

Alexa Frankel is our athlete of the week for the 8th grade Blue volleyball team.  This is the first year for Junior High volleyball for Alexa and it is amazing how fast she has caught on to the game. She works hard in practice every day, asks questions so she can get better, and is willing to try new things. In our last match against Davenport, Alexa ran a 1 (quick set) and it was AWESOME!  We are looking forward to more of that in our last few weeks of season. Way to go, Alexa! 

-Coach Ruff


Livia Thomsen. Liv always comes to practice with a great attitude and pushes herself everyday to be the best volleyball player that she can be. She starts all of our games to a strong start with her killer serves and has a great instinct on defense. Liv does a great job encouraging all of her teammates during every game and practice. -Coach Rockey








PV 8th White’s Player of the Week is Drew Micek. In addition to coming up with a huge interception to stop Sudlow at the end of the first half, Drew has found ways to make big contributions in both games so far and has grown as a player with every day in his first year playing football. He’s just scratching the surface on his potential, but he comes to practice ready to learn and set the tone with his work ethic. Great work Drew!! -Coach Zahn  

Our AOW this week is Kael Amerine. Kael stepped in at QB this  week after injuries to other players and did a great job running our offense.

Kael had never played QB before. The coaches had confidence in him and he responded well. The team rallied around him and he was a big reason for the teams continued improvement in the game.

-Coach Duncan

Bella D'Antico

Bella has been working hard in practice to improve her race times. A few weeks ago at the Spartan Invite Bella ran a time of 15:11. This week at the Bettendorf meet Bella ran a time of 14:29. It was a 42 second improvement on the same course in much warmer running conditions. Bella also finished 3rd for our team at the Bettendorf Meet.

-Coach Dan Bischoff

I nominate Jacob Mumey for the 7th grade boys AOW because he is doing such an amazing job this year! His positive attitude and work ethic are two qualities that everyone should strive for! I know Ryan will accomplish great things this year and the years to follow. Keep up the great work!

Coach Beau



This week, I am nominating Jayne Abraham. 

Jayne is a source of genuine positivity and inspiration. She has an awesome attitude that shines brightly whether she is leading pep talks prior to a race or pushing her peers outside their comfort zone to achieve greater success. She has an obvious commitment to the sport and to her team.

-Coach Abby Dalen

Solomon Kelsch- Solomon has worked really hard the past couple weeks in practice and it is showing in his meets.  Hard work pays dividends, and he is proving that!


Marcus Cavanagh



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