Athletes of the Week


Congratulations to all of our athletes!!

 Season 1  7th Volleyball
8th Volleyball
7th Football
 8th Football
 7th Cross Country
 8th Cross Country

 Week 1:
August 22

Elsa Gilbeck has a very positive attitude and despite having an injury comes to everything so she can learn more about the game. When she isn't able to participate in a drill due to her injury, she still finds a way to help out by assisting the coaches in running the drill.  She is a good example of a determined athlete not allowing a set back like an injury to hinder her spirit!
Camryn Woods has gone out of her way to help not only her teammates but the coaches when anything extra needs to be done.  She has a smile on her face no matter what we are doing and sets a great example of good work ethic to the other players.

Talia Sampson – Talia has shown great effort and enthusiasm this first week of volleyball. She has always been willing to help and cheers her teammates on. She has improved a lot in a short time and we look forward to great things from Talia.







Ella Schmit: Ella has done an awesome job during the first week of cross country.  She is naturally a very talented runner, but is even better because of the way she pushes herself in practice.  Ella will be a great leader for the 7th grade girls team, and I can't wait to see her compete in her first race.  Awesome job, Ella!

 Bryce Eaves-  Bryce did a nice job adjusting to the first week of cross country.  As he and others get into peak shape for their meets, he pushes through hard times as a runner.  Nice job Bryce!



Aslynn Brown: Aslynn has always impressed me with her positive attitude and willingness to work hard every day.  Her great work ethic and character make her a wonderful leader for our team.  I look forward to watching her progress throughout the season.  Keep up the awesome work, Aslynn!


Alex Thorne-  Has been a vocal leader for our cross country team.  He knows when to joke around and when to be serious.  Thanks for all you do Alex!





 Week 2:
August 29


Livia Thomsen: Livia is a very hard worker.  I love watching her play defense in the back row and make every effort to get the ball up to help her teammates.  Not only does she have a great work ethic on the court, but she also has a positive attitude and always has a smile on her face!

The athlete of the week for 7th grade white volleyball team is Alyse Zuiderveen. Alyse works hard in every drill and always has a positive attitude. She uses every opportunity she can to get better and improve her volleyball skills.



Paulina Garza: Paulina has really improved in this short season thus far. She is always willing to do what it takes to get the ball up and always gives full effort. Great job Paulina, KEEP IT UP!!!

Natalie Carslake

 Natalie works hard at every practice and during our first game. She was a great leader during the game and always had a positive attitude. Natalie did a great job of communicating during the game and encouraging her teammates to do their best. 

Aidan Kilstrom – for his important blocking on offense and catching a touchdown pass

       Ryan Groenenboom – for his defensive tackling, as well as his ability to run the ball against tough opponents.



7th grade boys: Drew Micek- Drew has shown both incredible talent and work ethic this season.  He has already proven to be a very valuable member of our team, and was a top ten finisher at our first meet.  Keep up the great work!

 7th grade girls: Harper Clark- Harper has a tremendous attitude, and is always positive.  She pushed through having some painful blisters and never once complained.  She also did an awesome job in her first cross country meet.  Way to go, Harper!

Kalen Bunch- Kalen is a leader through his actions on our team.  He finished in the Top 7 for our boys team at Crow Creek and with his continued hard work, will continue to improve.

Allie Simpson-  Allie ran tough for her first cross country race in her junior high career.  She never settles, but when she sees someone trying to pass her, she passes them right back.  


 Week 3: September
Kora Ruff has been instrumental in the success of the blue team for our first match of the season.  She did a great job leading her teammates on and off the court.  She has worked hard to include all of her teammates during drills and cheering on her teammates from the bench. 

Natalie Carslake

 Natalie works hard at every practice and during our first game. She was a great leader during the game and always had a positive attitude. Natalie did a great job of communicating during the game and encouraging her teammates to do their best 


 Elizabeth Elias – In our first match, even though we came up on the short end, Elizabeth showed great resolve in serving us a victory in the second set. She continues to work to get better and help her teammates improve. Great job and continue to get better.

Erica Heiselman – Erica has shown leadership and commitment  throughout the start of the volleyball season. She has been eager to help her teammates and consistently cheers others on. Her improvements on the court and her positivity and inspiration are an asset to the team each day.


Barrett Lindmark – for his superior leadership as quarterback, running for a bunch of first downs, and orchestrating a 7 minute drive. Defensively, he knocked down several passes






The AOW is Ryan Mumey because of his stellar play on both sides of the ball. But more importantly his desire to fight for yards and get 1stdowns in the 4th qtr. when we were wearing down.

Coaches are proud of all players and are excited for the season.

 Coach Duncan, Coach Naber, Coach Tudeen

It was a difficult call for AOW this week so we are nominating AJ Tappa and Matt Mickle. AJ came out of the woodwork on game day and provided much-needed inside pressure and a little attitude to set the tone on defense, which forced Muscatine into some bad snaps and turnovers. Matt came up big for us as well, making big plays on both sides of the ball as we moved him all over the field. His flexibility was vital to our victory to compensate for some injuries and his vocal leadership really provided us with a “coach on the field” even though his shoulder pads did some talking too! Great work AJ & Matt!


7th Grade Girl AOW Emily Sexton:  Emily is a wonderful student-athlete inside and out! She comes to class and practice with a smile on her face every day. She faces challenges in such a positive manner, it is very impressive for someone her age. When others see challenges and complain about them, Emily takes them on with a smile and confidence. Her times in cross country have been fairly consistent and she will undoubtedly drop her time as the season moves on, given her drive and perseverance with this sport. Continue setting good examples and working hard for what you want!
Bryce Rubel-  Bryce ran under 12 minutes for 2 miles in tough conditions at Geneseo. He was the top 7th grade boy runner on our team and finished 2nd overall.  With his continued hard work, he will be pushing for a great state performance.




  Kole Sommer: Kole is an outstanding runner and works hard every day to compete at a high level.  He has an understanding of the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve them.  He finished in first place in our first two meets, and it is always fun to watch him compete.  Kole is a great example for other members of the team to follow.  Keep up the great work!

Ramya Subramaniam: Ramya is always mentally tough and fights to do her best. In the meet against Geneseo she had a kick toward the end to put her ahead of Bettendorf’s second and third runners. She always sets goals and strives to achieve them. She is also always open to feedback from her coaches so she can improve everyday.


 Week 4:

September 12

 Shamaria Dale is our 7th grade volleyball blue team athlete of the week due to the wonderful growth she made this week in both her volleyball skills and in her attitude.  Shamaria has worked hard this week on two things: getting her overhand serve over consistently and getting past mistakes quicker and focusing on the next ball.  Both of these things happened for her on Thursday in our match against Davenport Williams.  She went on two great serving runs for her team and she also easily let mistakes go, put a smile on her face and worked hard to improve on the next ball. I am so very proud of her efforts this week and can’t wait to see her continue to improve!
  AOW is Maddie Smithers for coming up with and ace cheer and teaching it to the team. Though it seems like a small thing, it really brought the team together against D-Port. Awesome work Maddie. 




Sam Bebow

Sam made key tackles on defense, as well as scoring a 65 yard touchdown run on a sweep play.


8th grade Blue FB lost a tough one against Muscatine Purple last night. After going down 14-0. We were able to punch in a score right before half to make it 14-6. Unfortunately, we were unable to keep the momentum and a talented Muscatine team ran away with it in the second half. Because of his competitive efforts on offense, defense and special teams our AOW is Jamy Hill. Leading his team, through effort and determination, he never came off the field and never quit on a play. We are proud of all our players. Especially those who had to play in spots they may have been unfamiliar with.

We will improve.




Sophia Trumbull-  Sophia improved her personal best at Crow Creek Thursday by leaps and bounds.  She is always pushing herself to be a better runner and really works at her goals.  Congratulations Sophia!

Janus Golczewski - Janus has improved upon his personal best from the beginning of the season by more than 30 seconds. He is making strides each and every day that prove that he determined to do his best. Whenever advice is given, Janus listens and responds! He is a great athlete and student to have as a part of this PVJH legacy, a wonderful representation of everything we stand for! Can't wait to see what this season has in store for Janus. 


AOW: 8th grade girls- Morgan Miller: Morgan has improved tremendously as a runner since 7th grade.  She always has a good attitude and works hard every single day.  I have never once heard Morgan complain about a workout.  Keep up the great work!

Ryan Anderson performed very well at the Bettendorf meet last week and missed his all-time PR by only one second. He is a tough athlete with fantastic sportsmanship and a good role model for his teammates.


 Week 5:



Anna Arms is our 7th grade blue team athlete of the week.  I am so very proud of Anna for working so hard on getting her overhand serve over and consistent.  All of that hard work paid off during our match against Bettendorf this past week.  Anna went on 3 different serving runs for her team. Way to go!


Khloe Hockaday: Khloe has improved so much, she went from being excited about getting a serve over, to being a 1-2-3-4 Everybody hit the floor ACE machine!!! Not only has her play picked up but she has become a better teammate. She pushes others to get better but is not mean, and always cheers for everyone on the court. I thank her for all she has done and foresee great things in her future.


















 Our athletes of the week are Jacob Townsend and Michael Musal. Townsend, our starting quarterback, is growing into the leadership role and is making big plays every week and has improved his decision-making each time out. It has been for the coaches to watch him take big strides as a football player and as a leader on this team. Musal, our “QB” of the defense, was all over the field against the Lancers. From his MLB position, he controlled the interior of the line, closed down the cutback lanes and, with the help of the defensive line, they made NS completely one-dimensional for the last 3 quarters. Michael is learning more about playing MLB every week and the team’s defensive improvement has been lock-step with his growth. Great work guys!!


8th grade Blue fought it out with a very good Davenport Wood team yesterday and came out with a 46-27 loss.

It was a back and forth game with both defenses struggling to make stops. Blue offense did a nice job being led by Seth Clausen at QB.

And Blue defense made Wood earn everything and did not give up big plays.

For his efforts this week, Seth Clausen is our AOW.

We look forward to getting back to work this week and getting ready for NS next Thursday.

Hornbuckle has been a team leader and consistent performer all season. Our “iron-man” who rarely leaves the field, has made some huge plays defensively when we needed a big stop, has been nearly automatic in the kicking game (14-15 on PAT’s) and provides a deep threat down the middle offensively. He has made big strides every day as a football player and his versatility has provided the coaches with a lot of options to diversify our attack.

Borbeck, after taking a year off from football, has shaken off the rust and has really come on as a player the last few weeks. Scoring TD’s in back-to-back games, his 3rd quarter TD on a long 4th down play changed the whole complexion of our game with Sudlow. He has found ways to make huge contributions every week that may not show up in the stat lines, but definitely stick out in the coaches’ memories! Great work Kellen & Joey!




7th grade boys cross country AOW: Parker Paulson- Parker is the type of athlete that every coach would be lucky to have on their team.  He is a talented runner, but also an extremely hard worker and has a great attitude.  He has consistently played an important role in the 7th grade boys team’s undefeated season.  I’m excited to see Parker compete the rest of the season.  Keep up the great work!


Chloe Isbell- Chloe improved her time this weekend by one minute and twenty seconds. She was very strong willed and as always had  a positive attitude.




8th grade boys cross country AOW: Eoin Fitzgerald – Eoin is challenging himself throughout this season and we see it on a daily basis! At practice Eoin always has a great attitude and whenever he is pushed, whether in practice or at a meet, he responds in such a positive manner! This week at the Muscatine meet, Eoin improved his personal record by 1:36, which is an outstanding achievement!!  When he was encouraged and challenged to push through tough hills during the race, he did and did it with such determination despite the fact that the hills were huge and at the end of the race. I cannot wait to see what the remainder of the season has in store for him!


Becky Untiedt-  Becky comes to practice with a great attitude and smile.  She is a great teammate and has improved leaps and bounds from the beginning of the year.  Congratulations Becky!


 Week 6:



Our 7th grade blue team Athlete of the Week is Anika Schmidts.  All season long, Anika has been extremely coachable.  She does a great job of accepting a coach’s feedback and tries very hard to do what is asked of her.  She also is a wonderful teammate, cheering on everyone on our team in every game.  She is working hard on her passing and serving skills and this week, she showed some nice improvements!  She has the best smile, too!

Anna Thorne has shown a remarkable work ethic and encouraging attitude.  She has been flexible when it comes to playing a variety of positions, and she has shown clear determination to succeed at each one.  She has done an awesome job on the court playing, and has constantly supported other athletes around her.  Keep it up, Anna! J

Grace McMonagle: Even though she has a cast and cannot “play” volleyball she has still been part of the team. Helping in practice anyway possible, cheering for her teammates, or doing anything necessary to help her fellow teammates excel. We hope you get better soon and thank you for all your hard work.




The Spartans marched down and scored on a long run by Mumey. Thompson added the extra point. Then Mumey threw a TD pass to Adams on a half back pass. Kick failed.

Mumey one more time around the end on a short run. Kick good. And of course, Mumey intercepts a NS pass and takes it to the end zone. With Thompson tacking on one more point. For his efforts Ryan Mumey is our AOW.

Rocco D'Antico- Rocco has really improved his running this year.  He comes to work every day, improving everyday.  Congratulations Rocco.

AOW 7th Grade Girl:

 Kayleigh Early got a PR in Clinton by over 30 seconds, which is an amazing effort! Kayleigh comes to practice every day and tries her hardest without complaining about the workouts or weather. She is a positive member of this cross country team and gives her best on a daily basis, her drive certainly shows in her performances – she has progressively gotten quicker from meet to meet this season! Can’t wait to see what she does at Davenport on Tuesday!



AOW 8th grade boys: Akash Pradeep:  Akash has improved his 2 mile race time by well over 10 minutes this season. He is a hard worker, and strive every day to get better. It has been really fun to watch him improve so much throughout the season. Awesome job, Akash!



Sarah Babka got an all-time PR at Clinton on Saturday. She always comes to practice filled with excitement and she is a fantastic leader for her teammates in regards to her attitude and her effort. She is a complete pleasure to coach and she’s had an all-around fantastic season!


 Week 7:

October 3


Emily Wood: The entire season Emily has lead our team in passer rating, kills, kill efficiency, and from time to time energy. She will be missed in the JH volleyball scene, but I see great things in her future. Good luck and keep up the good work.



With his 3 TD effort tonight Caden Kipper has earned his share of AOW this week and Cameron Adams with his touchdown catch and continued improvement as a blocker and defensive end is also our AOW.

A special shout out to the defense for their second consecutive shutout!



PV White's AOW is Charlie Kautz. His fun- loving attitude makes practice fun for everyone,  but he has also made some big strides as a contributor on the offensive line the past 2 weeks.  Keep up the good work!

Grant Tebbe-  This is Grant's first year in cross country and he is already impacting the team tremendously.  The other night, he almost caught North Scott's #1 runner.  One of the toughest runners I have seen.  Congrats Grant!


8th grade girls: Macie Skahill. In her first year of cross country, Macie has proven herself to be a natural and hard-working runner. She always seeks to get better, and has improved significantly from the beginning of the season. We can't wait to watch you at state, Macie!

 Week 8: October 10

   PV 8th White’s Athlete of the Week is Tyler Saul. Aside from his monster performance (5 TD’s) against Williams, Tyler has been the unquestioned vocal leader all season long. He is always willing to put in the work necessary to get the job done, never hesitates to speak up and support his teammates and he always looks for ways to get better. He really was the “engine driving the train” all season long. Great job Tyler!