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Check out this cite for information about plagiarism and different citation styles.

Go to for a live look at the Modern Language Association (MLA)  Handbook to assist with citing sources and creating your works cited page.  See Mr. Myatt for a username and password.

For a "stellar" example of APA formatting, click here.

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American History -

    This logo will take you to the Salem History search login page.  From this page you can search electronically some of the resources we have in print in the library:  Milestone Documents in American History, The Fifties in America, The Sixties in America, The Seventies in America, and The Eighties in America.  See Mr. Myatt or your Social Studies instructor for login info.

The link below will take you a page full of links about World War II.  These links were selected by textbook publishing company Grolier.  They should be full of quality info. 

(The last link on the page above) - a database of primary source documents

American Government

The American Presidency Project From the University of California, Santa Barbara's Political Science department, this website has just about every document penned by every American President and even quite a few audio and video clips.

American President An Online Reference Resource The Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia publishes this website.  Organized by time period and loosely by theme, this website offers brief biographies on the President and their administration.  Simply click the President.

White House Official website of The White House, each President has a biography that discusses the events of the day and the President's views.

Biology - Here are some websites for you to explore.

- Genetic Disorders and Birth Defects from The University of Iowa

- Genetic and Rare Conditions Site from The University of Kansas Medical Center

- This is a Yahoo composite listing page of various websites.  BE CAREFUL this is like a "phone book" listing, not all pages have been evaluated.

- National Center for Biotechnology Information

- "Click on a Chromosome"


Here is the link where the videos are for the first page of the Design a Firework project.

The pdf of the worksheet is available at the link is under “Internet and Other Lessons” (3rd bold heading:  "Lessons"  "Also Available"  "Internet & Other Lessons"). 

"Design a Firework" is the 7th bullet in this section.

Consumer Math- Don't forget to use the top two sites as well as books from the cart and sites specific to your destination.

Virtual Tourist An interactive world map on top and a list of popular destinations on the bottom

Travel.State.Gov The official US Government website listing travel requirements, travel warnings, country descriptions, etc.

Kayak If you need air travel, you may want to try this COMMERCIAL site.

Passport If you need a passport go here to see what you will need to do in order to get one.

Earth Science - Here are some websites for you to explore.

Here is the webquest page you need:

Don't forget to try the "One Search" button on the Library Catalog Page.  Login using your last name and student ID number


Midwest Floods
- Climate of 2008 Midwestern U.S. Flood Overview from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other government agencies
- The Flood of 1993 from Iowa DNR Geological Survey 

- Interesting PowerPoint on the impact of the 2008 flood in Iowa (Click the link in the blue/grey box at the top of the page.)



- Cryptozoology (info looks good, but I cannot verify the source)
- Cartoon Network show featuring cryptozoology

Jacques Cousteau - Home of the Cousteau Society

Ernest Shackelton

- Resource looks good, but cannot be confirmed
- commercial cite with good info

Oil Spills,subtopic_id,topic_id&entry_id(entry_subtopic_topic)=184&subtopic_id(entry_subtopic_topic)=8&topic_id(entry_subtopic_topic)=1

- Good info from US Government source
- Minerals Management Service - Dept. of the Interior

Barrier Reefs

- Good info from National Geographic
- Great Barrier Reef pictures and more
- United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

Coral Reefs - Coral Reef Alliance - United States Coral Reef Task Force - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Major Midwest Floods

- Federal Emergency Management Administration - list of recorded floods, responses, and impact

Tsunamis - International Tsunami Information Centre

Global Warming/Greenhouse Effect

- politically motivated group that does not believe in global warming.  BE CAREFUL OF THIS ONE!!
- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency site.  Uses the more politically correct term "Climate Change"

Giant Squid

- Good info from the Smithsonian


- National Hurricane Center from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
- AccuWeather Hurricane Center

Tornado Alley

- U.S. Tornado Climatology from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Deep Sea Creatures  - National Geographic
- Monterey Bay Aquarium provides photos and info on numerous creatures


These two have excellent information and images.

This one can create an image of any celestial object from almost any viewpoint imaginable.  Very cool!

The two below seem to be produced by qualified amateurs.  As always, be sure to evaluate your sources.

English 10 click here for the Occupational Outlook Handbook online


         Overview with links Including teaching guide

            Full-text with annotations

Exploring Fashion

Occupational Outlook Handbook is published by the US Government and has great information about numerous careers.  It may not be specific enough for some of the careers listed.

Career Threads This website is produced by the AAFA (American Apparel & Footwear Association).  Use the links on the right of the screen to narrow down your specific occupation. is a site on which various fashion schools pay to be listed.  RESEARCH THESE SCHOOLS INDEPENDENTLY.  The information on various career within the fashion industry seems to be worthwhile.  Scroll halfway down the page to items in red

French Revolution

"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" Exploring the French Revolution Searchable database from George Mason University and City University of New York

French Revolution  Cornell University Library Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections

French Revolution Pamphlet Collection List Primary source documents IN FRENCH!

Imaging the French Revolution Depictions of the French Revolutionary Crowd includes Essays, Images, and Discussion

French Revolution Pamphlets from Ball State University Digital Media Repository


International Cuisine - Italian Renaissance project - overview - somewhat of an overview - check the "Marco Polo & Merchants of Venice" section - Italian Renaissance Dinner Party Menu - Check out the podcasts of celebrity chef Jacques Pepin and DaVinci's favorite recipe in "Italian Renaissance Cooking" - another of DaVinci's recipes - good info, not fun to look at,M1 - Google ebook titled Italian Cuisine:  A Cultural History,M1 - another Google ebook Food in Early Modern Europe - Italian Madrigal info

Public Speaking APA Works Cited Examples click here

World Language - The link below will take you to a translation/usage/bulletin board.