Welcome to the Pleasant Valley Counseling Office
  Phone: 563-332-6250
Fax: 563-823-1951

Pleasant Valley High School has four full-time school counselors.  Additional support is provided by a counseling secretary and a career services coordinator. Students are randomly assigned based upon current caseload, with an emphasis on keeping families with the same counselor.  The counselor to whom each student is assigned can be found on the class schedule.  Counselors provide classroom programs, evening programs, and individual guidance related to academic planning, college planning, career exploration and personal/social success.



                              Kerry Anderson                Tom Neuhaus                             Linda Noble                         Valerie Tucker
                           andersonkerry@pleasval.k12.ia.us                             neuhaustom@pleasval.k12.ia.us                   noblelinda@pleasval.k12.ia.us                                   tuckervalerie@pleasval.k12.ia.us

Counseling Secretary
                                                                                                    Kay Kaiser 

Pleasant Valley Counselors' Mission Statement

The Pleasant Valley School Counselors prepare students to succeed in a diverse, global society by addressing academic, career and personal/social needs.  The counselors advocate for quality opportunities in a safe, respectful environment for every student.  In partnership with other educators, parents and the community, the counselors encourage all students to become lifelong learners by continuously improving the educational experience. 

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