Art Club

Art club will do 4 major projects throughout the year and will coordinate with the 4 sports seasons.  If you are in a sport you will not be able to participate in art club during that season.  Dates for art club will be on daily announcements and there will be a signup sheet outside the art room for each project.  If you sign up you need to attend or cross your name off so that someone else can participate.

3rd quarter art club will meet on Tuesday January 29th.  Sign up for this project on the art room door.  This project is limited to 20 students.

First Project Artists
Natalie Garner
Jordan Keyes
Madison Mason
Victoria Childers
Kalista Paxton
Luisa Tekeli
Sara Boyd
Cassidy Sorenson
Amanda Curlee
Katelyn Damitz
Kaylin McNeal
Yashu Kavalakuntla
Kylee Comlin
Sierra Burney
Sarah Mellecker
Katelyn Jensen