Summer 2012


 Visit your public library and sign up your children for the summer reading programs:

Scott County Library

Bettendorf Public Library

LeClaire Public Library


Launching Summer Reading:

1. Hold a book swap with your friends and relatives to share resources and great books you've read.

2.  Set expectations for your child to read every day ( 20-30 minutes at a minimum).

3.  Read a book together and then watch the movie. Compare the book vs. the movie ( Horton Hears a Who - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Harry Potter).

4. Encourage one day each week of NO TV. Model reading so that all family members are reading at the same time.

4.  Establish a regular routine of visiting the public library.

5. Visit other libraries in our Quad City region - take a field trip to Davenport, Eldridge or LeClaire. Your library cards allow for check out at area libraries.

6.  Have your child recommend books to their friends or relatives.

7.  Start a neighborhood book club.  Children will pick a book that they will all read. Then, choose a date to meet and discuss the book together.  Serve fun snacks.

 8.  Have students make a list of books they would like to read this summer. Set mini goals of when to complete the books.

9. Read chapter books together as a family.

10. Check out an audio book from the library to take on vacation.

11. Add the app DESTINY QUEST on your mobile devices to explore books available next fall in the Pleasant Valley School District libraries.

   Featured Author:
David Wiesner
 David Wiesner is one of the best-loved and highly acclaimed picture book writers in the world. His books have been translated into more than a dozen languages and have won many awards in the United States and overseas. Three of the picture books that he both wrote and illustrated became classics when they won the Caldecott Medal: Tuesday in 1992, The Three Pigs in 2002, and Flotsam in 2007, making him only the second person in the award's history to have won three times. He has also received two Caldecott Honors, for Free Fall and Sector 7.

2012-2013 Master List


    The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity - Barnett

   Mockingbird (Mok’ing-burd) - Erskine

   Born to Fly - Ferrari

   Finding Danny - Glass

   Getting Air - Gutman

   The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall - Hahn

   Strawberry Hill - Hoberman

   Runaway Twin - Kehret

   The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate - Kelly

   Zoobreak -Korman



Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos - LaFevers

   Where the Mountain Meets the Moon - Lin

   Like the Willow Tree - Lowry

   Million-Dollar Throw - Lupica

   Word After Word After Word - MacLachlan

   Neil Armstrong is My Uncle & Other Lies  Muscle Man McGinty Told Me - Marin0

   The Candymakers - Maas

   The Clone Codes - McKissack

   Faith, Hope, and Ivy June - Naylor

   I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005 - Tarshis

   The Thirteenth Princess - Zahler


 Book Reviews:    
Art & Max by David Wiesner (Grades K-3) Max wants to be an artist like his friend Arthur, but his first attempt at using a paintbrush sends the two friends on a whirlwind trip through different media, with consequences that are unexpected.




Clever Jack takes The Cake by Candace Fleming (Grades K-3) Jack is thrilled when he receives an invitation to the princess’ birthday party, but he’s too poor to buy a present. Determined to make something instead, Jack trades his ax and quilt for flour and sugar, scrounges up more ingredients, and assembles a beautiful cake, topped with the “reddest, juiciest” strawberry in the land. Problems strike on the way to the castle and after run-ins with four-and-twenty blackbirds, a troll, a dark forest, and a dancing bear, Jack arrives at the party with only the magnificent strawberry, which a guard takes away because the princess is allergi to it. After anxiously watching the bored birthday girl receive her presents (“Another tiara? How dull.”), Jack confesses that he has only an account of his day to offer. Luckily, the princess is delighted stating, “A story! And an adventure story at that! What a fine gift!”
 We Are in a Book! by Mo Willems (Grades K-3) Piggie realizes that she and Gerald the elephant are in a book and that she can make the reader say words, but when Gerald comes to understand that the book is ending, Piggie comes up with a solution to get the reader to keep reading.
Mirror, Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse by Marilyn Singer (Grades 3-5)
A collection of short poems which, when reversed, provide new perspectives on the fairy tale characters they feature. What happens when two favorites-poetry and fairy tales-are turned (literally) on their heads? First, read the poems forward (how old-fashioned!), then reverse the lines and read again to give familiar tales, from Sleeping Beauty to that Charming Prince, a delicious new spin. Witty, irreverent, and warm, this gorgeously illustrated and unique offering holds a mirror up to language and fairy tales, and renews the fun and magic of both.

 The Memory Bank by Carolyn Coman and Rob Shepperson  (Grades 3-6) Told to forget her little sister, Hope is told she must deposit more memories into the Memory Bank. When Hope learns that, while her memory account is seriously low, she is a champion dreamer, she stays at the World Wide Memory Bank trying to locate her sister Honey, whom their parents abandoned and told Hope to forget.
Meanwhile by Jason Shiga (Grades 3-5) Shiga's amazing complex graphic novel begins with a boy ordering ice cream. Chocolate or vanilla? After readers pick a flavor, they follow a tube to connecting frames on page after page. As readers make more choices, they create their own story  involving a scientist and his inventions.
Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce (Grades 4-8) Twelve-year-old Liam, who looks like he is thirty and is tired of being treated like he is older than he actually is, decides he is going to pose as the adult chaperone on the first spaceship to take civilians into space, but when he ends up in outer space with a group of kids and no adult supervision, he must think fast to make things right.

The Crossing : How George Washington Saved the American Revolution by Jim Murphy (Grades 5-8) The commander -- The invasion -- The attack -- The escape -- The retreat -- The crossing -- The old fox -- The painting. This book is narrative prose that details George Washington's transformation from a farmer to a military general and describes how he led the Americans against the British.



Ubiquitous: celebrating nature's survivors by Joyce Sidman (Grades 3-6)  Sidman delights us with another wonderful collection of poems celebrating the natural world, this time focusing on species remarkable for their ability to adapt and thrive in an often-harsh world. Arranging  "survivors" in chronological order of time on Earth, the book begins with bacteria and mollusks, moving through sharks, ants, grasses, squirrels, dandelions, crows and coyotes before arriving at the youngest survivor, humans. As Sidman points out, "99 percent of all species that have ever existed are now extinct." In her fourteen poems, the survivors range from bacteria to us, from ancient (mollusks) to newcomers (crows).


Parent Resource:

Best Books for Boys K-8,  by Pam Allyn, 2011

There is much to be said for what makes a better reader, READ!  Developing a reading habit is the key to knowledge and further academic success.  Research indicates those who read for pleasure outperform those who do not, and in her newest book, Best Books for Boys K-8, Pam Allyn offers an excellent resource for matching boys to age-appropriate titles and suggests ways to read them that will truly impact their lives.  

 Reading Tips:

 Five Tips for Parents of Reluctant Readers:


Unfortunately, in this era when technology is easier to access and at a faster speed than ever before and often homework looks like completing worksheets and busy work, many students are viewing school reading separate from reading for pleasure. Perhaps we need to look for alternative ways to increase interest? 
Here is a site you might find
useful and motivating:



Thousands of books from 60 countries in a wide assortment of languages with captivating illustrations.
Twenty-four actors from the Screen Actors Guild Foundation are filmed while they read stories such as Rainbow Fish and Polar Express.
This site shows clips from the PBS show, Between the Lions of children's books and includes interactive games.

Recommended Book:     

Tips for Parents about Reading:  Information and Ideas for Helping Children Through Grade 8 Succeed With Reading by Deborah Davis and Jan Patricia Lewis