Unit 3

Overview from Everyday Mathematics 

"One of the most important topics in mathematics is the study of patterns.  Since patterns are predictable, it is usually possible to state a rule that describes each pattern.  This rule can then be used to extend the pattern.  Much of Unit 3 focuses on number patterns: odd and even numbers; patterns in number lines and number grids; and number sequences.  Number patterns will be revisited throughout the year.  This unit continues to steady development of some important fist grade topics: Telling time is extended to times on the half-hour, dimes are added to children's existing collections of coins to be counted, and work is begun on solving simple addition and subtraction problems."

Unit 3 has four main areas of focus: 
  • To explore numeric, visual, and concrete patters
  • To introduce addition and subtraction on the number line
  • To introduce the Frames-and-Arrows routine
  • To find the values of collections of dimes, nickels, and pennies