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District Writing Assessments for Sixth Grade

  • Compare/Contrast Essay
  • Persuasive Essay
  • How-To paper
  • Poetry

Writer's Workshop Ideas/Helpful Sites:


Six Traits

You Are Your Words
Graduation Letter Assignment
In May you will write a graduation letter to YOURSELF.  Your letter will be stored in Mrs. Dircks' classroom and mailed to you the month you graduate from high school! 

  • A link from Mr. Haack showing how to write BOOK SPINE POETRY! 
  • Poems created by people across America...posted here.  Post yours!
  • Seasonal Poetry from The Poetry Foundation.  
  • Ken Nesbitt will teach you how to write several types of poetry.
  • Scholastic's site on how to write poetry
  • This How-To site includes directions on writing poems.
  • Shel Silverstein's Site.
  • Thanks Kyle and Urko (class of 2012) for this data base of hundreds of poems by topic.  
  • Here's an entertaining look (game show format) at a variety of poetry.  You'll receive EXTRA CREDIT if you turn in evidence that you watched this 45 minute video (series of poems created during the video, note from parent that you viewed the program, notes taken during the program, etc.)  **You'll need the log-in information located in front of your planner.
  • What's a poetry slam?  Find out here!  Extra Credit if you help Ms. Dircks set up a SLAM for our classroom.  **You'll need the log-in information located in front of your planner.
  • A video of middle school poetry contest winners.  
Persuasive Essay

The persuasive essay, a district writing assessment, is completed toward the middle of the year.  We will discuss elements of persuasive writing in class and look at several examples together.  We'll select and research our topics together and fill out a pre-writing idea organizer.  However, the actual writing of the persuasive essay must be done INDEPENDENTLY in class.  Please do not get assistance with the actual writing and editing of the final essay.  Thank you!  


Name Essay 

  • Click here to create a bibliography for your name essay. (You'll learn how to use this site in class.)
  • Lots of neat-o stuff about YOUR birth date!
  • Which celebrities share your birthday?  (Different year...same day.)  You'll need to give a brief description of what your celebrity/celebrities are famous for).
  • Click here for a time capsule from the day you were born.  In one paragraph of your essay, tell what life was like when you were born.  
  • What was the weather like on the day you were born?  In your paragraph, this information might be helpful for telling about your family going to the hospital to see you!
  • The etymology (meaning of/origin of) your name.  In a paragraph, tell us if your name has special meaning in your family (perhaps it's a name handed down from generations).  Does your personality fit the meaning of your name?  Do you like your name?  If not, what name would you prefer?  Did your parents consider other names?
  • Your zodiac sign.  What is a zodiac?  In a paragraph of your essay, give examples of how you are like (or not like) your zodiac sign.
  • Looking for a neat way to introduce the essay?  How about a quote about names?
D.A.R.E. Essay
Deputy Koehler will present ten lessons on Drug Awareness Resistance Education.  After each lesson, we will type one paragraph summarizing the main idea of that lesson.  By the end of the ten week D.A.R.E. course your essay will be complete!

D.A.R.E.Drug Awareness Resistance Education

Each sentence in your D.A.R.E. essay should follow the QAR format that we use in class.