End of Quarter Extra Credit opportunities

Any student who wishes to complete some extra credit to help their grade may do so by  Wednesday, January 9. Here are the guidelines for extra credit:

In order to complete EC, you must have NO missing assignments. Also if your grade is 100% or above you cannot complete EC because it will not help your grade. (This was explained in the rules slip that everyone signed at the start of the year).

To earn up to 5 EC points, you may:

1. Watch an educational show on TV (History Channel, Discovery Channel, MythBusters, etc.). Write down the name of the show and up to 5 things you learn, turn it in to the gold basket.

2. Read an article in an educational magazine (Smithsonian, National Geographic, etc.), write down the name of the magazine and the article and up to 5 things you learned.

3. You can do a combination of either of the above, or watch a couple shows or read a couple articles - whatever you do, just write down what you watched/read and your facts for up to 5 points. If you wish to do fewer facts, that's okay, too. Just no more than 5.

4. A fourth option is to turn in the restroom/locker slips you got the first day of the quarter. They are worth one point each if you still have them and turn them in.

Holy cow! It's the end of second quarter!

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