General Information

Students will receive general first aid as needed. You will be contacted per the discretion of the nurse if further monitoring or referral is recommended.
Each building is equipped with an Automatic External Defibrillator.
PE Excuses:
Elementary: The nurse will keep the original and provide a copy for the PE teacher and classroom teacher.
High School: A PE excuse written by a parent should be brought to the nurse's office to be signed. The student will take the note to the PE teacher and has one week to make up the absence during eighth period.
A doctor's excuse should be taken to the nurse to complete the school PE excuse form. The student must report to the assigned PE class each day they are excused. An excuse written by a doctor does not require the class to be made up.
Junior High: A doctor's note will be required for any excuse more than three days. All days must be made up with the exception of a long term leave.
Feminine Products:
Elementary, Junior High and High School students are responsible to provide their own feminine hygiene products. We do have back up available.
Therapy Dogs:
Cody Elementary and the High School are fortunate to have a therapy dog on site. Please alert the main office of any concerns you have including student allergies.
Science Camp:
Every year the 6th grade students will attend an overnight science camp at Camp Wyoming in Wyoming, Iowa. The science teachers, homeroom teachers and school nurse will accompany the students.