Information Technology Courses

This website shows the courses that I currently teach at the high school. The following courses are business courses that are offered at the high school:
  • Introduction to Business
    • Excellent first-level business course!
    • Any student planning on majoring in business in college should take this course
    • This is also an excellent course for students interested in owning a business some day
  • Multi-Occupations
    • You must be a senior to take this course
    • This course requires you to have a job or a work placement
    • This course is a great way to take information learned in the classroom & apply it to real-life work experience!
  • Other Business Courses at the high school:
    • Marketing
    • Accounting
    • Personal Finance
    • Event Management
    • If you want to find out more about these particular courses, contact Mrs. Weinschenk or visit her website.

The technology courses I teach are also listed at the left. Please feel free to click on the links at the left to find out more information about each course I teach. There are 2 levels of computer courses:

  • Microsoft Computer Applications- 1st level:
    • There is no prerequisite for this course
    • This course covers Microsoft Office programs
    • The skills learned within this course are strongly recommended for any student planning to go on to college
  • Web Design with HTML - 1st level but more advanced than Business Computer Applications:
    • There is also no prerequisite for this course
    • Students learn a much more advanced photo-editing program in this course, Adobe Photoshop
    • Students also learn to create their own web pages by learning to type HTML codes
  • Web Design with Dreamweaver - 2nd level computer course:
    • You must take Web Design with HTML prior to taking this course because you must be comfortable with Photoshop
    • We use Photoshop in this course to enhance the skills learned in HTML and also learn new skills such as animation
    • We use the very detailed Dreamweaver web creation program to create websites in this program
    • Professional web design is stressed throughout the course