May 2011


There is much to celebrate this school year. Most importantly, take time to visit with your child(ren) about the evidence of their growth in the school year and set goals for the summer to come refreshed and ready to learn in the fall.

A big “THANK YOU!” to the Bridgeview PTA for the Staff Appreciation Week efforts. The Bridgeview Staff loved the lounge makeover. Also, thanks for the support in all our spring activities and celebrations. We had a tremendous turnout at our Bridgeview B.L.A.S.T. celebration of Band, Literacy, Art, Science and Tunes!

With Spring’s arrival comes the enjoyment of many outdoor activities for children and families. Student involvement in activities outside of school help them to be “connected” and broaden their skills in ways beyond school. Flyers for various activities continue to be made available via eNews, or hard copies are available just inside the Bridgeview main entrance on the left. Balancing participation with finishing the school year strong takes parent guidance. Thanks for your efforts to teach students responsibility while students learn the “balancing act”.

School Safety and Procedures
Please remember there is a great website resource to all parents joining in our efforts to reduce bullying in our community. All are encouraged to periodically visit the PIRC (Parent Involvement Resource Center) website at . We will continue to “gear up” for the spring and plan for walking and riding bikes to school in a safe and healthy manner. Christy Filby of the Quad Cities YMCA will be joining school and city officials in  assessment of our current “walkability” and “bikeability” at Bridgeview. We are also hoping parents will complete the on-line survey sent out via eNews, which is accessible at Your participation in this survey will help us in our effort to gather important safety information and pursue improved infrastructure and changes in our community to help with Safe Routes to Schools efforts for our children.

Can you believe your child has almost completed an entire year of Kindergarten? It is hard to believe how much they
have learned and grown this year! The students really enjoyed their pet unit this spring, and especially the Pet Show as the final project. The stories they wrote about their pets were wonderful! We will finish up the year with learning
more about fish and butterflies in science. We will be learning about Zoo animals and going on our field trip May 9th.
Our last week of school we will be reflecting on our favorite things we did in Kindergarten by making a special book
for our students to keep. It has been a great year!

First Grade
Can you believe we have less than a month of school left? We are working hard in first grade makin
g that final push to the end of the year. In math we’ve recently learned about the dollar bill and made up number stories based on the cost of items available in a school store. Students also began learning how to make change and h a ve b een introduced to fractions. We even made fraction creatures and determined how many parts of each c olor we had and turned those numbers into fractions! We are currently working in Unit 9 and are adding and subtracting by tens, solving number grid puzzles, and will continue to work with fractions. Please help your child remember to complete and return their homework on time. If it c omes home at night, it is due the next day!

April was National Poetry Month and we had lots of fun reading, listening to, and interpreting many diffe rent poems.
First graders even wrote several of their own poems. They showed a lot of creativity and humor in their writing! These
were show-cased at Bridgeview BLAST night on Thursday, April 28th. We are also reading a variety of stories and have been working very hard on becoming fluent readers. Encourage your child to read aloud to you and discuss reading at a nice pace, with expression, and reading all of the words correctly.

Looking ahead to May we have some great things planned. Grandparent’s Day is fast approaching and we will be celebrating this school-wide event on Friday, May 6th. We will begin studying the ocean in May and culminate the ocean study (and year-end) with a Beach-Day celebration!

Finishing strong in second grade…
As a way to wrap up our Science Unit on Plants we are taking a field trip to The Quad City Botanical Center.
In Math we are still practicing our basic facts and working on mastery, as well as, working with money, place value,
and beginning multiplication.

Like always, we are READING, READING, and READING!

It is hard to imagine that the end of the school year is only a few short weeks away!! As schedules become busier,
please remember to continue to complete home links and read with your second grader at home. Our goal is to finish
strong in second grade!

Thank you for all of your support… it’s been wonderful working with your children this school year! Have a super summer!!!
Mrs. Ericksen and Mrs. Halverson

- - 3rd grade - -
Things have been very busy in 3rd grade! We are just beginning our Iowa unit in social studies. We’ve learned about
our community of Pleasant Valley, and our larger community, The Quad Cities. As we move forward, we will study
important historical events, as well as some famous people from Iowa. We will discuss how Iowa became the great place that is now is. In math, we are working on very hard on multiplication. During unit nine, students will learn to
use partial products to solve multiple digit multiplication problems. We continue to practice our basic facts every day!

Building summarizing skills and learning strategies to summarize texts is the focus for our small reading groups. In
writing, we have been writing and illustrating our own pour quoi stories. The students worked with partners to create
storyboards, then presented their stories to the class. This school year is speeding by… It’s been a great learning year!

Fourth Grade News
We are gearing up for a busy spring in 4th grade. We have many field trips coming up to help us prepare for Junior
Achievement as well as the highly anticipated trip to Biz Town on May 20th.

The rest of the year will include short visits to the remaining regions of the United States and learning about the history of LeClaire. Mrs. Hamann would like to thank you for your help with the postcard project. Postcards have been pouring in and they are having a great time checking the mail each day as well as sharing them with the class.

Upcoming math units will be covering percents, symmetry, capacity and rates. Please continue to practice long division and double digit multiplication with your children. For those students who have not passed their math facts, please find time to practice at home. Students who have not passed will stay in for recess until they master their facts. Just one problem a night will help reinforce and retain those concepts.

Lewis & Clark is our unit of study in Social Studies. We have finished studying the Revolutionary War and the
beginning of our government as well as the writing of our Constitution. We will end the year studying the Civil War and will be taking a field trip to the Herbert Hoover Museum in May to learn about Herbert Hoover.

Students ha ve finished reading nonfiction books in reading and have started reading Civil War book
s. We will be
using the SQP2RS reading strategy while reading the books.

We finished writing our persuasive letters during writing workshop and displayed them during BL AST . During the fourth quarter our writing focus will be fiction.

We are working with three – dimensional shapes in math. Other concepts we’ll discuss before the end of the year are ratios, percents, and volume.

Spring is a very busy time of the year for everyone. Please encourage your child to complete assignments and organize their time. We have discussed this at school and would appreciate your help.

Sixth Grade
6th graders at Bridgeview are on the home stretch of their elementary careers at PV and it will be a wild one. To
phrase it in a simile like we’ve studied in poetry, “The rest of the year will be like the exciting finale of a roller coaster
ride, fast and furious and seeming like there is no time to blink.”

To sum it up briefly, the last part of the year will include… maptestingblastspringconcertvocabularytestingspellingassessmenttriptothejuniorhighsciencecampouttrackandfield
grandparentsdaydaregraduationyearbookcreationstudentinterviews…and more. With all of these things going on, it is crucial we discipline ourselves even more to the facts that reading every night is still a priority, planners will help keep track of paperwork and assignments, and our attitude on schoolwork, behavior, and socializing has to be 100% positive.

Feel free to check out Mr. Lichty’s website for important date reminders or just write your classroom teacher with
any questions. We still have one month left of growth in many areas so hopefully we are ready to buckle up and get it done.