Welcome to 8th grade Co- Taught Science!  You can use this whole website to find extra resources, class worksheets/labs, and valuable videos! 
Please explore and see everything that we have here to make you a successful 8th grade science student!

Below is a calendar to see upcoming work days and due dates. Students must be logged into their googledocs account first to view this calendar.

8th Grade Co-Taught Science Expectations

Some Important Things to Note:

  • An updated calendar that shows the weekly agenda and expectations, along with the due dates, is always posted in our classroom on the agenda board. Students are held responsible for checking that board and making sure it aligns with what is written in their assignment notebooks. If something changes throughout any given week, students need to make the change in their assignment notebooks based on what is written on our class agenda board. 

  • There are many useful tools on this website, and you can find them in the left hand column under the specific unit that is being studied. 

  • Often times, when accessing hyperlinked documents listed on the website, students must be logged into their googledocs account first, so just make a habit of being logged in before trying to access anything from the website. 

  • If you click on the title for any given unit, the KUD should pop up with more valuable links to click on as they relate to our daily agenda.

  • Make sure you are looking under the correct unit always! If you're unsure what the unit is, look at your pink KUD sheet to check!

  • If you are having troubles navigating the website, please stop in to see one of us and we will walk you through how to get around efficiently. 

  • Make sure you read through your syllabus often as it outlines expectations that will ensure your success in science class!