Use a document to reassess these things:
I can use spll chck.
I can move my words to the right, lift and center of the page.
I can copy and past.
I can change fonts and sizes.

Every day students should bring a *pen* and an agenda book to class. Pencils are not permitted, as eraser gunk and pencil led can wreak havoc on computers. The headset or ear-buds from your supply list will be stored in Room 205 while you have Info Tech or Technology connections. Keep them in your locker at other times as teachers may use them when they take you to computer lab!  

Any style will work (ear-bud, ear coverings, etc) - whatever you have at home! You just need to be able to plug it into any iPod/mp3 player style device and it will work at school!  Need a visual example?  Here are some headsets and the style of cord/plug that is needed.  Here is another example, it's just an example.  You can anything that you have at home as long as it has a plug like THIS.

Parents - here's a great resource for figuring out if a movie, TV show or game is right for your child!  Common Sense Media is awesome!

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