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Health Insurance

State and Federal Health Care Resources:

    US Health Care Marketplace
        Click here for more information on the affordable care act

    NY State of Health

    Medicaid -

    Medicare -

Health Insurance Companies offering private and US Health Care Marketplace plans:

    Affinity Health Plan -
    Emblem Health -

    Empire Blue -

    Fidelis Care

    Health First -

    United Health Care -

Other Resources:

    American College Student Association -
            The staff at ACSA selects the best insurance resources for:
            · Students who are no longer covered by parents,
            · Students who are in transition from college to the workplace
            · International students who need visa compliant coverage,
            · Grad students or students who are married, and
            · Students who need temporary coverage.
            · Domestic students traveling abroad    

    Freelancers Union
    Access NYC -

    Fractured Atlas -
    Medical Fundraising -

    Supplemental Security Income (SSI) -
            - SSI provides assistance to people who are blind or disabled and meet federal income and disability guidelines.
            - It is not a health insurance program, but if you qualify for SSI, you will also qualify for Medicaid in New York State.

International Students - Health Care Reasources:

    Compass Benefits Group -

    ISO Student Health Insurance -

    International Student Insurance -

    Study USA-HealthCare -

    International Student Protection -