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Transfer of Credit

The presentation of a satisfactory transcript from a collegiate institution accredited by an agency or association recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education is not on its own sufficient for the transfer of credits into the Academy’s programs. This is due to the unique, designated sequence in which the Academy’s curriculum is structured to carry out its mission of presenting a rigorous, specific and traditional skill set in the first year of study. The Academy rarely accepts the transfer of credits from other institutions. In the rare instances when the Academy has accepted the transfer of credits from other institutions, the faculty and administration have maintained strict policies to assure that the overall educational experience of the transferring student is at least equal in quality to that of the student completing all of his or her work at the Academy. These policies include a rigorous examination of the incoming portfolio to determine the student’s potential to achieve amongst peers who entered the program through the normal admission cycle and successfully completed technical skill-based coursework, as well as developing a thorough knowledge of the program from which the transferring student wishes to leave. Transfer credit is granted for courses taken at another institution only when the coursework involved and the level of the transfer applicant’s achievement meet the published standards of the Academy, pass the rigorous examination of the Admissions Committee by a majority vote and permit the student to complete the remaining Academy curriculum successfully.

Students accepted into the Academy's programs may request transfer credit for relevant courses completed at regionally accredited institutions. Transfer of credit is subject to the approval of the Admissions Committee. The following limitations apply:
  • A maximum of 6 credits may be transferred.
  • The course(s) for which transfer of credit is requested must have been completed within four years prior to enrollment at the Academy.
  • Credits for courses in which the student earned a grade below B, or took a non-letter grade such as a pass/fail are not transferable.
  • Courses used to satisfy entrance requirements, as well as courses used as part of a previously completed bachelor's program, may not be transferred.
  • Grades in courses transferred from other institutions will not be calculated into the student's grade point average (GPA).
Application Procedures
  • Download and complete the Transfer of Credit Application
  • Submit the completed form along with an official copy of your college or university transcript and a syllabus for each course listed on your application to the Registrar:
New York Academy of Art
ATTN: Registrar
111 Franklin Street
New York, NY 10013