Welcome Families!

Welcome to North Reading High School's guide to easy use of social media. The site is designed to assist parents and community members in learning the basics of social media use.  On this site, you will find helpful descriptions and links to videos that will teach you, in very simple steps, of several social media sites.

Below are some helpful links to web pages that provide additional information on how to use social media and other technologies.  On the left are links to apps commonly used by teens.

Netsmartz (Internet Safety)

Netsmartz (Cell Phones)

Net Nanny is a filter you can put on your home computer and devices to protect your children from seeing things you may not want them to see, or things that might be "accidentally" viewed. For one computer and one year the price is $39.99, and for three computers and one year it is $59.98. There is a fourteen day free trial offered, and credit card number is not required. The following is a link to the Net Nanny website.

Net Nanny

Covenant Eyes is a Christian filter monitoring site. It is $8.99 a month and does not offer a free trial. The following is a link to the Covenant Eyes website.

Covenant Eyes