On our site you will be able to see and explore what awesome things we are learning and discovering in 4th grade. Please feel free to look around and shoot me an email in the contact box to the right if you have any questions.

I promise to be there for my students, to care for them, to listen to them and to lend a hand when they are in need. I promise to be honest, trustworthy and fair so that they always feel safe and loved while under my care. I promise to celebrate their successes and help them learn from their mistakes. I promise to be positive, patient and respectful so they can learn from my example. I promise to encourage them to discover their voice, their talents and their dreams. And I promise to create a challenging, interesting and fun environment, so my students will come to love learning as much as I love teaching. 

-Jordan Williamson
Day B Music
Day C PE
Day D Art
Day E PE

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