Math...when will I ever use it?  The possibilities are limitless...
Welcome to LNHS Math
Mrs. Langford's 2015-2016 Schedule, Room 931
  • 1st hr, Algebra 1 PLP
  • 2nd hr, Plan Period
  • 3rd hr, Advanced Algebra 2
  • 4th hr, Advanced Algebra 2
  • 5th hr, Algebra 1 PLP
  • 6th hr, Algebra 2
  • 7th hr, Algebra 2
The best way to contact me is email:

My Classroom Policies & Procedures
90-100% A; 80-89% B; 70-79% C; 60-69% D; 59 & Below F
Late Work Accepted--within the Unit of study for 60% credit
Algebra I PLP
Grades are figured using total points
Concept quizzes-10 pts; homework practice must be complete to take a quiz or test
Unit Tests--Concepts x 10 pts
Suggested Calculator: TI-30XIIS

Algebra 2 & Advanced Algebra 2
85% Tests, Quizzes & Projects
15% Homework
Weekly homework collected on Thursdays-one assignment graded for accuracy
Big Ideas Math: Algebra 2, 
Suggested Calculator: Graphing calculator--Ti-83, Ti-84, Ti-84+ Silver C or CE or scientific TI-30XIIS