Welcome to your Classroom Website ELA8.  Here, parents can connect to what's going on in your classroom and students can organize their coursework in one place.  Please bookmark this site as we will be using it throughout the semester. 
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Online Resources: 
Click the image below to access the classroom Symbaloo Page.  This page will contain links for the many different online resources we will be using throughout the year.  

Late Work 

So, you've got some missing assignments...don't worry, there is hope for you yet.  Complete the missing work form and staple it to your (printed) work.  Turn it into the late work folder in the classroom. Unless within the time frame of an absence, you will receive some points lost. I will grade late work when I am able.   (You may bribe me with post it notes, other office supplies and/or chocolate to get your work graded faster)