Welcome to your Classroom Website for Math APPS or ELA8.  Here, parents can connect to what's going on in your classroom and students can organize their coursework in one place.  Please bookmark this site as we will be using it throughout the semester. 
At A Glance News: 


Read Boards! Make sure you are completing each square by the suggested due date.  This is an independent, long-term assignment

APPS 7: 
Genius Hour!! This project takes a significant amount of planning, commitment and self-regulation.  Make sure you are meeting your planning guide goals. 

APPS 6: 
Make sure you are working on solving problems for your self this semester.  Think critically in all that you do, inside and outside of APPS. 
What's Going On in 303? 

Looking forward to some big projects coming up: 
Genius Hour Showcase on 12/8 and 12/15

Tiny Tale of Terror Writing Project In ELA 
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