Blue Jay Bluegrass starts next Wednesday, Mar. 15, 3:00 - 3:45.

To sign up for the Blue Jay Bluegrass, click here.

Way to go, 8th grade orchestra, at Large Group Festival!
To view the 8th Grade Orchestra's performance, click here!

It's time to think about the Solo & Ensemble Festival.  Information and registration is below.

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Summer Orchestra Camp for incoming 6th-8th graders, July 17 - 21, 2017. Click here for info and to register.

Here's what you need to work on at home and master this week.  

6th Grade Orchestra:

Work to master...

  • Spotlight on Strings, book 2, number 4 on p. 25 and all of p. 26
  • Sahara Crossing - sort out notes & rhythms
  • Jurassic Park - be careful of naturals and sharps.  Know your finger patterns.
  • Moonlight Tango
  • Dragonhunter
  • String Explosion
  • Fiddles on Fire

Practice records are due each week.  Click to print a blank copy.

7th Grade Orchestra:

Work to master...
  • Vibrato practice
  • ET book: p. 18-19, 32
  • On all our pieces, isolate the tricky parts
  • Black River
  • Meistersinger
  • Rustic Dance - practice so that you can play any 2 measures with metronome at quarter = 116. 
  • Revenge of D.B.
  • Thriller - rhythm m. 38-39. 
  • 21 Guns - be sure you have the rhythm at m. 10-12. Think 1/8 notes during all longer notes.  Tune C# on the G string.

For 7th grade:
8th Grade Orchestra:

Work to master...
  • Vibrato practice
  • Scales: use the packet and focus on C, G, D, and A Major. Practice for good intonation and tone. Memorize fingerings and key signatures.
  • Warrior Legacy - m. 109-end.  Focus on rhythms
  • Bohemian Rhapsody - m. 1-31 for notes and rhythms
  • Vanguard Overture - especially m. 64-71.  
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