Parent Information

Great Expectations
This is an exciting year for the students, teachers, parents and staff. This is the end of the road at Franklin, and the start of things to come. Mrs. Landers and I take our role in this journey very seriously.
My number one goal is for each child to perform at their highest level in all aspects of their day. I have very high expectations for every class that comes to me, and this group is no exception. I know your child is capable of great things.
Franklin faculty and staff have high expectations for every child K-5. As the entire building watches fifth grade, I know they will be impressed with the leadership, character and responsibility shown every day. Every child in this building looks up to this group and rightly so.

Mrs. Summers
My name is Brandy Summers and I am excited to get the year started! I've been a proud Liberty resident for several years. I grew up in Lee's Summit and graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Education from Missouri State University. I have taught for seven years, three in third grade in Nixa, Missouri and four years in fifth grade at Franklin. My husband and I have three sons, one of which is in first grade at Franklin this year. 

* Sweet treats - Snickers, M&Ms, Reeces Peanut Butter  Cups, Cookies and Cream   
  Hershey Bars, Dove Milk Chocolates
* Themes - Super Hero ANYTHING, Pretty Picture Frames, Chiefs and Royals 
  ANYTHING, Family Fun Games, Items with the letter S
* Yummy eats - Sonic Cherry Limeades, Lamars, Hardees, Culvers, Sheridans Ice 
  Cream, Chick Filet, Olive Garden
* Something for the senses - Lavender and other subtle scents, ANY color

Parent/Teacher Partnership
I am thrilled to be your child's classroom teacher! We will be spending a lot of time together, and I will do my best to provide regular updates and and information regarding your child's progress, success and opportunities for improvement, both academic and behavioral. In return, I ask that you also keep me informed of changes or events that may make an impact on your child's day or school routine. Children are effected by illness, change and loss. Please send a note or email in the event something comes up, so I can be aware and make appropriate adjustments. 

Middle School Prep
With the excitement of Middle School in the distance, also comes the fear of the unknown. Many students are aware that middle school comes with lots of change; more independence, more responsibility and more teachers. This year we will be providing students with a basic introduction to the concept of varied instructional practices.
In an effort to help students become more comfortable, Mrs. Landers and I will teach one piece of our curriculum to both classes. I will teach Science to our entire grade while Mrs. Landers teaches Social Studies. This is a neat opportunity to allow students to adjust to different teachers, personalities and expectations. Students will learn the concept of time and benefit from organization and preparedness.

Students will likely have homework Monday-Thursday. This may take the form of a math sheet at the end of a lesson, a small packet to prepare for an upcoming assessment, reading, writing, review. 

Math Facts Practice
In an attempt to have all Math Essentials timed test goals met by early Spring, please practice math facts regularly (+, -, x, / and mixed practice). Knowing and having instant recall of these basic facts up to and including 12s will help immensely in every unit this year and beyond. If you are interested in having math practice sheets sent home, I'd be glad to help.

Math Homework Sheets
Homework in Math will be assigned as practice and will cover topics we have already discussed in class. There are online resources for GoMath, which each child will have access to as well. I understand that the resources at home are varied and the amount of assistance is also unique to each student. The work that is assigned will not be graded, but will be discussed. Student contribution is incredibly valuable to our community, and these Homework Reviews are no exception. Please encourage your child to complete all assigned tasks. 

Math Pre-assessment Packets
Our Math program provides multiple assessments, and I often use one version of a chapter test to review before taking another, similar version. This is another opportunity for review and discussion at home and or with peers. Students will get what they give to this and many other items throughout the year. We will do a Pre-assessment Review, and if there is nothing done or the packet isn't returned to class, the child will be at an extreme disadvantage. 

Reading Logs
Each full week of school, students will be given a Reading Log for their Friday Folder. Students are asked to complete 150 minutes of reading over the seven day week and return the log to school the following Friday. These logs are again, not a grade. However, I track the logs and minutes throughout the year and use the data to help complete a picture of each child's reading abilities. Small rewards may be issued throughout the year for consistency with logs.

Unfinished/Late Work
In the event a child falls behind on an assignment, unit or concept, Mrs. Landers or myself will send work to be completed at home. This is a chance for the child to catch up and gain confidence. In the event the work is not completed, time will be made available during the school day (outside of instructional time). 

Student planners will be made available to each child on the first day of school and remain available throughout the year. This is an excellent tool to help a child stay organized, plan ahead and keep track of their work and activities schedules. 
I do not require the planner to be signed, and I do not require students use the planner. However, if you or I see an opportunity for success in the use of this tool, it may be required on a case by case basis. 

Classroom Parties are held three times throughout the school year. Parties take place during the last part of our school day 
to allow for minimal disruption to the school day. 
Individual Birthday treats need to be store bought and dropped off at the office for distribution at the teachers discretion. Individual invitations to parties held outside the classroom are not permitted to be distributed at school. Please encourage students to be kind and discrete with these somewhat delicate matters. 

Friday Folder
Each week there are countless handouts and flyers that are sent home with the children about school, sports, PTA, community functions and countless other items. We condense those items into a weekly "Friday Folder". This folder is a look for each week.
Homework Folder
The homework folder is specific to our class. This is an easily identifiable piece that you will see at home almost nightly. Grab what is in it, which should only be that nights homework and a braded calendar of upcoming dates to be aware of. This folder and it's contents are expected to be returned to school the following day unless noted otherwise. 

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Student Information

Classroom Rules
1. Let Mrs. Summers teach
2. Always do your best
3. Contribute to our community
4. Let others learn
5. Show respect to everyone
6. Be kind

Show Respect and Be Kind
These two rules in particular will be our focus throughout the day. In every location, with every person; student, staff, teachers alike, it is critical that we are respectful and kind. I will not accept anything less and neither should you.

When Rules Aren't Followed...
1. Warning
2. Student will be asked to move to a "Safe Spot" in the classroom. The teacher will process with the student.
3. If the "Safe Spot" isn't successful and the student isn't able to make appropriate choices, the student will go to a buddy room and complete a Think Sheet. Parents will be notified.

You have put in the hard work and effort and made it to the top. This year you will be the most senior students in Franklin Elementary School! With that, you need to know that your expectations are also more than any other class of students. The workload can be heavier at times and the duty you have to your classmates and those who will follow is paramount. 
Everything about you is different, location included. Mr. Wright has placed our grade in the trailers because he trusts us to make the right choice every-time. Throughout the day, students will be coming and going with many distractions and opportunities to be off task. I appreciate your willingness and effort to avoid these situations and act the way the entire teaching staff knows you can. Though you may be away from me, you will be surrounded by other like minded staff members who will be assisting us in making the best choices at all times.

Homework will be assigned most every night, Monday through Thursday. I will do my very best not to assign work over the weekends. You will have the opportunity to complete many tasks within the school day, though some assignments are intended to be completed after school. The responsibility to obtain this work, complete this work and return it to school in an orderly manner is solely your own.

Plan books are available to each student. If this is a tool that will assist in your organization and planning you are welcome to it. In the event you exhibit a struggle in getting items to and from school, a planner will be issued to you and monitored at home and at school.

Homework Folder
Everyone will be issued a Homework Folder at the beginning of the year. This folder will go back and forth nightly. a monthly calendar will be issued and placed in the brads of the folder to help you see what's coming up each month. 

Please plan accordingly by returning  books prior to Library checkout, wearing tennis shoes on PE day and bringing a positive attitude to each class.
Day 1 - Library
Day 2 - Art
Day 3 - Music
Day 4 - PE

- Greet your fellow Falcons.
- Be certain to say please and thank you (for everything, all of the time).
- Safety is more valuable than entertainment. Keep yourself and others safe.
- Humor has value. Use it wisely and be thoughtful.
- You are in charge of yourself, adults are there to guide you. Let us.

Entering the Building
As you arrive at school, it is important that you are setting yourself up for success. If you slept poorly, had an argument with your sibling, missed breakfast, let's get you on the right track and make the day great. You have more control over you day than anyone.

Entering our classroom
Once you arrive at school for the day, you need to take care of your needs. If you need to use the restroom or check in with a staff member, take care of these things before joining our class. 
Car Rider
If you are a car rider, you will exit your vehicle near the 3/4 door. If you have needs inside the building, head on in through that door. When your business inside has concluded, exit the building the same way and then move directly to the trailer.
Walker/Bus/Bike Rider
If you arrive at the building before the first bell, wait patiently. When the doors are opened, please handle your needs inside the building before coming out to join our class. The 3/4 hall is your exit to the trailer. 
All students
5th grade business doesn't pass the office restroom in the morning. We do not walk siblings to class, visit with former teachers or walk freely throughout the building. Your job is to learn, the quicker we can get to it the better. 

Walking in the Halls
Next year you will be an independent entity. You will move at your own pace, in your own time, in whichever manner and direction you choose. You may use the restroom whenever you like, and gather with friends between classes. 
Next Year. This year we will walk in the halls. We will walk in a line, facing forward and we will keep our voices off. You are a 5th Year Falcon, but a Falcon non-the-less. 

End of Day
Everyone at Franklin has put in a long and sometimes difficult day. When we leave it needs to be in the same manner we arrived. Be respectful and kind to the staff and students you encounter along the way and enjoy the rest of your day.
Car Riders
The end of day duties are split between Mrs. Landers and myself. If you are a car rider you will quickly retrieve your bag and belongings from the class and meet Mrs. Landers at the corner of the trailer nearest the tennis court.
Wait patiently for your car to be called along with the other students. I know it is tempting to take off for your car, but please don't. 
Bus/Bike and Walkers
I will meet with all fifth grade bus, bike and walkers on the ramp to the gym. These students will keep stay on the ramp, keeping in a line near the trailer side, waiting patiently. When both rooms are empty and both classes are accounted for, we will make our way into the gym. Students will then sit in a group according to what bus they ride or how they go home. 
All Students
Be certain that you have what you need when you leave your classroom. You will not be allowed back into the room without an escort. In an effort to keep staff and students and their belongings safe, the doors to the trailer will remain closed and locked. 

Entering the Building
Our room is not part of the main building, and as a result some of our safety and procedures are a bit different. We have badges to allow students to enter the building if need be. These needs will be minimal. 
In the event of a tornado we would enter the building through the nearest gym door and then go up onto the stage on the copier side. 
If there were a fire, we would move along with our classmates to the playground and wait for the all clear.