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Online Orientation

Click here to view the online orientation that provides information about the deployment.

How to Purchase Insurance/Waiver Online:

  • Go to
  • Select “Register Your Student Device” and follow instructions.
  • If you have issues please call 816-736-7078.
  • If needed a tutorial can be viewed here.
  • Link for free and reduced application if needed.
  • Student lookup page. Students can log in with their District username and password to view the student ID number. 

We believe:

  • Educating digital students requires learning how to use technology appropriately to achieve academic success.  
  • Increasing student access promotes anytime/anywhere learning opportunities.
  • Providing students with a personal device and digital tools increases student engagement in the classroom.
  • Learning in classrooms with access to a device integrated with relevant resources fosters student creativity and provides innovative environments.
  • Developing 21st Century skills must include instruction in problem solving, collaborating, communication, self-directed learning, research, analysis, and synthesis to best prepare our students for living in a dynamic world.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Click HERE to go to the Liberty Public Schools Digital Citizenship lessons for the year.

Times are changing. Consider possible indicators for status when you were in high school.

Then (possibly)Now (reality)
Number of images and signatures in your yearbookNumber of followers/friends on social media sites

Lessons from 2014 High School Students - One year after student laptops began.

Students urge parents to get involved and follow their students' social media accounts. Parent connections made most of these students think twice about what they post online.

Here is an activity this group recommends for parents to start conversations about online safety.
  • Have your student write down their social media accounts. 
  • Ask how many followers/friends do they have in each social media account?
  • Ask of these "friends", how many do they actually know?
  • Ask how many follower/friends do you actually talk to frequently?
Mrs. Adrienne Fowler's Personal Finance Classes
Interviewed May 23, 2014

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How to Purchase Insurance/Waiver Online:

  • Go to
  • Select “Register Your Student Device” and follow instructions.
  • If you have issues please call 816-736-7078.
  • If needed a tutorial can be viewed here.
  • Document for free and reduced waiver if needed.

Online Orientation - Coming Soon!

Each school will have a face-to-face laptop orientation, please check your building website for more information.

For questions about wireless access away from school, please visit the Home Use segment of this website.

Set up expectations for safe use!

Here are some good digital citizenship resources to help start conversations with your students:



Get Safe Online

Common Sense Media