Welcome to #BioMedChat

What is #BioMedChat?

#BioMedChat is a once a month Twitter Chat meant for students, teachers and professionals in the STEM fields.  More excitingly, the chat takes place during the school day to allow students and classes to collaborate!  If classes or students aren’t able to participate in the actual chat they can still contribute to the conversation and connect to other classes throughout the month!

The #BioMedChat will take place on the last Thursday of month from September through May.

The Next #BioMedChat will take place We're on Break for the Summer! But come back in September 2016 for more Biomedical conversations!

The Topic will be: We are currently taking topic submissions! Please submit your topic using the form found on the menu bar.

Can't participate at the time of the chat? No problem! - The #BioMedChat is meant to be used all the time for connecting classrooms. The Chat is considered ongoing and students will learn and grow through talking to one another. Have a questions, ideas or suggestions? Just hashtag #BioMedChat and let the conversation continue!

Who: Anyone is welcome to participate but especially STEM classrooms.  The purpose of the chat is to bring BioMed classes and topics to life!

What: Topics will include all areas of Biomedicine!  If you want to suggest a topic for the future click here.

Where: The #BioMedChat takes place on Twitter.  All you need is a Twitter handle and internet connection.

When:  The last Thursday of the Month from September - May from 8:15pm - 9:00am CST.

How: The best way to participate in a twitter chat is to use Tweetdeck or similar Twitter organizer and create a column for #BioMedChat.  Be sure to use the #BioMedChat in all of your tweets to contribute to the conversation.

Still Not Sure What to Do?  

Here’s a tutorial on how to create a TweetDeck and a #BioMedChat Column.

YouTube Video

Format for Questions and Answers:

Each discussion will have a student moderator.  The moderator will pose questions in the Q and A format.  For example the moderator may ask (Q1: How does ebola spread? #BioMedChat) The response would be in the format (A1: through bodily fluids #BioMedChat) Each Question will be labeled Q1, Q2, Q3 etc, and answers should begin with A1, A2, A3 etc.  

Individuals participating in the chat should retweet questions and encourage their followers to participate.  Individuals are also encouraged to engage in conversations with others in the chat directly in order to ensure their questions are answered.

The role of the moderator is to inspire and lead the conversation rather than dictate the conversation.  A successful #BioMedChat will evolve as individuals get involved.