Minutes for Graduation Committee Meeting held on 05/27/09



Present were: Ramon Castillo, Dorothy Smith, Raul Cardoza, David Ysais, Cynthia Morley-Mower, Theda Douglas, Deputy Diane Dodd, Sheila Tishler,  Jearold Mock, Trini Alvarez, Isabel Ruiz-Moreno, Mai Le, Melain McIntosh, Security Officer Rosas and Allison Reed.


1:40pm-Meeting began



· The cover will be on Diamond paper with gloss. “Diamond” symbolizes the 60th anniversary.

· We will hold the student speaker page due to auditions being held at the end of the week.

· Theda has the name of one interpreter

· Will need a couple of people to proof



· Should guests come here first? Should we offer to shuttle them to Galen Center? Should we pay for their parking and meet them there?

· Rhea has a letterman’s jacket as a gift for the keynote



· Dorothy left messages (to Mr. Hincleman) for more information on the EMT. The only thing we know is that it costs $35 an hour. She will e-mail him for a response.

· Wanda Lewis will supervise room for purses at the Galen Center.

· The mace is in Dorothy’s office

· Coaches can assist with assigning head ushers



· Christina will monitor. The list and tickets for strollers will be 100 to start.



· EOPS, DSPS and Learning Skills (want one for next year)

· David will find a vendor that can create similar flags



· Do we want Rodney (the new student trustee) to speak at the Graduation ceremony?

o   The committee decided not to because he is not in office.

· Faculty regalia

o   The committee decided that only faculty members with regalia can march in the processional

o   The committee decided that the faculty without regalia can sit on the lower floor with the students.



Day at a Glance:

· 3:00 pm-Processional

· 2:00 pm-VIPs arrive (Founder’s room)

· 1:00-2:45pm-Student line-up

· 1:00 pm-Doors open at the Galen Center

· 12:00-1:00pm-Faculty reception

· 11:00am-12:00pm-Faculty “meet & greet”-cookies and punch (tables will be taken down at 12:30pm)

· 9:30-11:00am- Graduation Breakfast


2:35pm-Meeting ended