FIRST Robotics team # 4925 The Resistance
Kingswood Regional High School
396 S. Main Street
Wolfeboro, NH 03894
(603) 569-2055

Pinetree Competition Lewiston Maine Team Photo

This is an image of the team members who made it to the Pinetree Competition who are all standing around our robot. (from top left going clockwise) Jeff Roberts, Sam Schwarz, Eli Stevens, Tyler Roberts, Joshua Keaton, Dylan Smith, Sheldon Rogers, Megan Todd, and Sean Perkins.

UNH Competition Team Photo

This is an image of the team members who made it to the UNH Competition who are all standing in front of our pit. (from left to right top row first) Al Poirier, Tyler Roberts, Joshua Keaton, Dylan Smith, Sam Schwarz, Frank Mcgee, Sean Perkins, Keith Huang, Megan Todd, Sheldon Rogers, and Eli Stevens.

Testing the Robot at Prospect Mountain

This is an image of the people and robots who made it to Prospect Mountain to test them on their amazing field. Our team is in the middle.

Battle of the Bay

    This is a team image of who made it to battle of the bay.

This is an Image of the four students who went to the Kickoff this year. With Dean Kamen in the middle.

Who are The Resistance?

    We are the Resistance, team number 4925. The Resistance is from Kingswood Regional High School which is located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Our team has only been around for two years, and this  year will be our third. We are a growing team now consisting of 15 team members. Even though we are a young team we still put up a fight in competition. Each and every year we get stronger and more experienced in how FIRST and their yearly competition work.
I hope this gave you a good rundown on who we are and what we do. I will have a report on what we have accomplished.

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Robotics Meeting Schedule

    Dates and times are subject to change. If the dates and times are changed on short notice I will try to update the website as soon as possible, but this can not be guaranteed. All days that school is closed for weather concerns we will not have robotics and on official holidays.

Robotics Meeting Schedule