The Captain Underpants Gang

Books reviewed:
Collage of Tags for Our Books
The above collage was created using Picasa with images students found searching the tags they generated for their books.  This collage is a visual representation of all the books reviewed by the team.  The team also created a word cloud of their team name, book titles, and tags using a web-based tool called wordle. 

Tags: party, eagle, hole, tunnels, prairie-dogs, humor, teamwork, tennis-ball, underground, sleepy, bath, toothbrush, bathroom, pajamas, boy, hamsters, numbers, tired, sightseeing, tour



The reviewers for these books, describe themselves as:
Great Fuzz Frenzy Review #1
My favorite foods everything that is spicy! My favorite special is P.E. My favorite pastime is watching T.V.
Great Fuzz Frenzy Review #2:
I love to read books especially fiction novels. My favorite food is fruit salad. My favorite subjects are math and literacy.
Ten Minutes 'Till Bedtime Review:
I love to read chapter books! I also like pizza! My favorite subjects are literacy and writing workshop.