Team Sylvester

 The above collage was created using Picasa with images students found searching the tags they generated for their books.  This collage is a visual representation of all the books reviewed by the team. 

Tags: donkeys, family, seasons, pebble, magic, rocks, wishes, lions, blood, teeth, mammals, strong, fur, animals, cats, hunting, football, bikes, brothers, cheering, crowds, teamwork, ball, running, broken-leg


Team Sylvester is made of three reviewers.  Here is some information about the students who reviewed these books.
The person who reviewed Sylvester and the Magic Pebble writes:
I love to play basketball and soccer.
I play AAU basketball and in the state soccer tournament in the spring. I like to read and play at friends houses. I'm very tall for my age and my favorite food is pizza.
The reviewer of Sabertooth says:
I love penguins. I think that they are just awesome! I played tight end in football for the Rams and I love chocolate. I love jolly ranchers too.
The reviewer of By My Brother's Side says:
I am 11 years old. I love to play soccer, play basketball, hang out with my friends, dance, read, and down-hill ski at Bolton. I have 3 siblings. one is in college, one is graduating from high school, one is still in elementary school, oh and of course I am graduating from elementary school next year.