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Extinct Wolf Breeds

  • Japanese Wolf: The Hokkaido and Honshu breeds of wolf have both wiped out by human expansion in Japan.  The Hokkaido wolf, a wolf almost the size of a normal grey wolf, was wiped out during the Meiji restoration.  The government at the time decided that the Hokkaido wolf was a threat to ranching and put bounties out for every pelt that was captured.  Supposedly, the Honshu wolf became extinct due to a combination of human hunters and a rabies epidemic in their species.
  • Texas Wolf: A subspecies of the Grey Wolf, this species apparently became extint in the 1940s.  Not much is known about why this wolf species became extinct, but it can only be speculated that the American Ranching businesses in the Texas/New Mexico region where mostly to blame.  The Texas Wolf is considered to be a close relative to the Mexican Wolf.
  • Florida Black Wolf: The Florida Black became extinct during the 1900s most likely due to the expansion of colonial settlers.  This wolf was known to be similar to the Red Wolf in almost every way besides fur coloration.
  • Dire Wolf: The Dire Wolf, though it died many years before colonial settlement on Northern America.  This wolf was not a relative of the Grey wolf and would weight in at around 110 - 180 lbs.  This wolf evolved to be such a massive size because it's main pray where the Bison of the North American plains, though this animal also once lived in South America as well.