Chapter 7

This chapter starts off with Kumalo sitting in his room and writing a letter to his wife. It is then that Msimangu arrives and takes Kumalo to John’s shop, and when they get there John doesn't recognize Kumalo but once he does they start talking and Kumalo soon learns that John’s wife, Esther, has left him. Since then, John had found himself a mistress and that that is the reason as to why John had stopped writing home. This correlates with the corruption of the old values of the village in Johannesburg. John soon tells Kumalo that the last he heard of Absalom he was working in a textile factory. While Kumalo and Msimangu are going to the factory, Msimangu explains to Kumalo that John is one of the three most important black man in Johannesburg and that all the power that people have is corrupt. When Kumalo and Msimangu get to the textile company, the white man tells them that Absalom hasn’t worked there for 12 months. Soon they come across an old friend of Absalom and he informs them that he moved with Mrs. Ndlela in Sophiatown. When the two priests find Mrs. Ndlela she tells them that Absalom has moved to Alexandra and that he basically hung out around the wrong crowd.

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Chapter 8

This chapter start of by Msimangu and Kumalo finish their breakfast and they set off for the great wide road where the buses run. Msimangu tells Kumalo that all the busses go to Johannesburg and that there was no fear to take the wrong bus bus because he would end up in the same place. They got of where Kumalo had lost his pound. They walked through many streets until they reached the bus rank for Alexandra when they were there an unexpected man came to where they were and asked them if they were going to go to Alexandra. Msigmanu said yes the man told them that they could not ride the buses because they were “weakening” the cause of the black people. So they instead decide to walk to Alexandra they had walked a few miles that when they were still walking a white man asked them if they were going to go to Alexandra they said yes and so the white man told them to hop on the car so he could take  them to Alexandra. They know have arrived at Mrs. Mkize’s digs she tells them  that it has been awhile since she had last seen them, but when she is talking to them her voice sounds like she is hiding something from them. Msimangu tell Kumalo if he can let him alone with Mrs. Mkize so that she could tell him what is wrong with her. Mrs. Mkize tell Msimangu that Absalom and john used to bring her a lot of stuff like clothes, watches, money, food in bottles, and many other things but they never really told her were the thing came from. Msimangu asks her if she know where they have gone and she replies no she tells Msimangu that there is this taxi driver named Hlabeni and that they were very good friend with him. Both Msimangu and Kumalo decide to go look for Hlabeni to ask him some questions about the two gus Absalom and John Hlabeni tell them that they are living in Orlando in a Shanty Town. Msimangu tell him that Orlando is a very big place while Hlabeni tell them that it would not be hard to find them at all because they live in a place where everyone. Well after that Hlabeni takes Msimangu and Kumalo in his cab to the shanty town.

Alexandra, South Africa

Chapter 9

    This chapter starts of by Kumalo waiting for Msimangu so that he can take him to the Shanty town while he was waiting he decided to spend some time with Gertrude and her child. However, this chapter has many anonymous voices that describe that Shanty Town in Orlando this chapter describes the Shanty Town by saying that it is a town with a lot of people that they can not fit everyone into the houses that they have. The people who are talking about this town are saying that you can not have privacy at all. They also do not have the money to build other buildings because they are in war and have their budget is not good.

Chapters 10 and 11

In this chapter, Kumalo spends time with Gertrude and her son, and although he and Gertrude don't talk much he does turn to his nephew for "enjoyment" and tells him all about his hometown even though he doesn't understand much of what he is talking about. Kumalo somehow manages to reconnect with his village life by talking to his nephew and it rids him of the homesickness he seemed to have been struggling with. But aside from helping Kumalo strengthen his beliefs and thoughts, the conversation also makes his perspective on Absalom's situation worse and the events to come wouldn't do Absalom's case any better. The murder of a "well-known" city engineer who fought for the justice of the natives grabs the attention of many because he was shot by those whom he tried to help. Slowly, Kumalo begins to think it is Absalom who is behind the crime, and at some point the author begins leading you to this assumption as well.