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INCOMING 1st year student

Click the link below to download the PDF

Students entering the program have also been invited to join Google Classroom where they will upload a digital version of their completed summer assignment.

Current students conducting research over the summer must complete these goals and submit work during 4 check-ins over the summer.

The 22nd Annual 
Fox Lane High School
Science Research Symposium
starting Wednesday, May 27th!


There is no specific time for this virtual event.
It will be available all day starting May 27th
and will continue to be available after that date.

We hope you will join us to celebrate the year's worth of research conducted 
by our students!

You may still RSVP here: 


Learn more about the Science Research Program by viewing the Science Department Course Information Presentation at this link: 
See slides 18, 27, 39

Showcasing some of this year's accomplishments!

Why choose Science Research?

Watch the video below starring the Science Research senior class of 2014.
Created by: Cameron Fuhr, FLHS '14
Music: "Dreams" by the Cranberries
NOTE: Video will NOT play in Internet Explorer

Why Science Research?