FLMS Library Media Center

Welcome to the

Fox Lane Middle School

Library Media Center!!

Your librarian is:

Mrs. Levine.

HOURS: 7:15am - 2:20pm daily, and Mon & Fri until 3:15

contact: 914-241-6140 llevine0635@bcsdny.org

FLMS incoming 6th,7th & 8th grade and 6th grade SLA required reading under "Summer Reading Lists"

Summer events and activities at the Bedford Free Library: Summer YA, Kickoff 2021, Read with Friends, Summer Reading Game, Middle School, Cereal Drive


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The Library Media Center is the place to come for research, classroom projects, book selection for your personal reading, and to satisfy your curious and growing minds! Recharge with Scrabble, Jenga or chess, the challenge of a jigsaw puzzle, browsing through magazines, playing Boggle ... or just relaxing with a good book.

Click here for some educational reading online games.

Please let me know about titles that you would like to recommend.

Happy Reading!

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