To enhance the preparation of
pre-service teachers
To further support continuing
professional development
To support action research
and inquiry
To strengthen student

Bedford began its partnership with Manhattanville in 2009 with Fox Lane Middle School. Initially, a Manhattanville College PDS Mission statement served as our guide. As the partnership expanded to include five of the district's seven schools, the need for a broader mission statement was identified and subsequently created. All partners are committed to the broader goals of supporting the learning of all of our students, whether P-12, pre-service or current faculty. Through the collective efforts of Manhattanville College and our PDS schools, we are able to create something unique that is larger than the individual parts. Our partnership deepens and evolves every year to meet the needs of our students, community and staff.

We are a changing suburb, committed to working strategically and systematically to eliminate race and income as predictors of achievement, and ensuring all students have access to the most challenging learning opportunities possible. As part of our commitment to this purpose, The Bedford School District is actively engaged in the Changing Suburbs Institute (CSI) at Manhattanville College. 

Our partnership is strong because of the cross institutional involvement by P-12 and college faculty. We are a large school district in a partnership with a small, private college, so we continually work hard to meet the needs of both constituents. Our teachers and administrators participant as adjunct faculty in several of Manhattanville's School of Education programs, while Manhattanville faculty lead job-embedded professional development opportunities in our schools. 
This video introduces the Fox Lane Middle School PDS, and offers a window into the reasons for, and mutual benefits of, the relationship.