Welcome to the Official site for StubbornHicks Outdoors.  We are a down to earth family  of  outdoorsman located in Loggy Bayou, Louisiana, dedicated to showcasing the reality that outdoor sports are for the whole family, not just Dad.  We started all of this as a simple place for our friends and family to enjoy pictures and videos from our outdoor antics, it has since evolved into much much more. We have been blessed to have made so many new friends and fans, to which we are eternally grateful for. It is our hope and mission to continue developing our skills, products, and content  so that you are guaranteed  the best we have to offer.

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Who are the StubbornHIcks

Who are the Stubborn Hicks and where did the name come from?   Well there's Kenneth (Dad), Sarah (Mom), Maddie, and Laken (the little Hicklets).  As for where the name come from... Several years ago we decided to buy our first boat, that boat was the Pelican plastic pontoon boat...while traveling to  pick up this impressively large and elaborate  boat (sarcasm) , we laughed uncontrollably to the thought of wrapping it like an elite professional bass angler's boat, and matching decals for the truck. Oh how funny it would be to travel to the lake with this weeeee little boat tailing frantically behind the decked out Tahoe. Once arrived, we would step out in matching jerseys to launch the beast, with complete sincerity  as people looked on with amusement.  This idea created a completely reasonable question....What would we call ourselves??...great question right? So for the next hour we bantered back and forth with plausible options that integrated our Family name "Hicks"   and our love for the outdoors. Ultimately, we couldn't find a more perfect description or  title for who we are other than a team of "StubbornHicks" , and so it was born. Sadly though, we never have wrapped that little boat, ..