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Infocene provides a comprehensive suite of information and communications technology solutions and services to business and public sector customers.

Whatever your size of organisation, Infocene offer a flexible range of information solutions and services, which can be tailored to your needs, provided in a completely open, impartial and independent manor. 

Our aim is to cultivate long term partnerships that help deliver real and sustainable benefits to our customers. This is is backed up by a comprehensive ecosystem of value added partners and professional services including consultancy, projects and managed services.

  • Hosted Applications, Cloud Computing & Online Solutions
  • Smart Information Technology
  • Next Generation Network strategy
Our Services
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Information Solutions and Services, including: 
  • Consulting Services - independent consulting and strategy
  • Project Services - turnkey IT projects to drive benefits
  • Managed Services - complete managed and hosted solutions

Suite is a complete pac
kage of hosted Internet applications and
 affordable cloud computing solutions suitable for any type of organisation, from on
e to thousands of users. 
Our integrated range of online services include hosted email, calendar, documents, office applications, websites, blogs, virtual telephony & call centre, customer relationship management, accounting, remote access, conferencing, virtual meetings an
All applications need no dedicated hardware or software and can be run from anywhere on many devices. 
Our easy to use suite of products include Google Apps Premier, Microsoft Windows, Skype for Business, Onstate, Zoho and Citrix. Everything working together, with a ‘pay as you grow’ model to reduce your capital costs and maximise your cashflow. Please review our solutions in more detail and contact us for a free initial assessment and cost benefit analysis.
Save up to 90% of your IT costs... In today’s tough economic times, Cloud Computing is fast evolving into a completely viable alternative to traditional Information Technology (IT). The increase of low-cost, high-speed fixed and mobile broadband in combination with great advances in Internet technology means that secure and reliable hosted applications are now available for any businesses, including office, communication and business applications. 

One of the key benefits of usingHosted Applications such as Google AppsZoho and Onstate is cost, as services can generally be accessed via a web browser on many different devices, without the need for dedicated hardware or software. Savings can be as much as 90% over a company's existing IT budget. You can also avoid the hefty upfront capital costs of traditional IT, by paying for what you need on a monthly basis, a key benefit to start ups. 

To find out more, please register for our upcoming webinar or contact Stuart Lamb to arrange for a free of charge assessment on how moving to the cloud can help your business.