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What Aerice do

Aerice is a specialist management consultancy which focuses on helping you meet your objectives. We are experts in implementation and always insist on working with you to jointly design and implement your objectives ensuring these are aligned to your business priorities. Whether providing a complete team or one individual, realisation of your objectives is at the forefront of everything we do with an insatiable appetite to deliver great results.  Lambpro is an associate partner of Aerice.

What sets us apart

Whether our work with you is an assurance review or a complex business-wide transformation, our focus which sets us apart from others, is on achieving your objectives and desired change in a time-frame that suits you, in the most sustainable and cost effective manner. Our way of working is to support you to keep your organisation’s consultancy spend to a minimum. We are highly effective at engaging people, using a pragmatic approach tailored to your specific needs, to deliver measurable and sustainable improvement whilst managing change with compassion.

Our Principles

Aerice was founded on a set of principles centred on helping our clients achieve their goals by being cost effective, sustainable and time efficient. We persistently set ourselves standards for our own continuous improvement, so we succeed in:
  • providing value for money to our clients;
  • achieving your objectives through successful implementations where we manage change effectively and collaboratively;
  • delivering realised benefits with a lasting positive legacy for your business;
  • working with our clients in the way we work with each other, with trust, integrity and a passion to succeed. 

Aerice provides consultancy services and value-add in eight key areas that will most significantly improve your business:

Excellent programme and project management needs even better change management aligned to it. Our approach will help you coordinate the need to ensure the aims of the programme or project are met, outcomes delivered and desired benefits are achieved in a sustainable manner.

We can help you become a high‐performing lean organisation by creating an operating model that drives performance  improvement, ensuring you have the right information to make decisions and help you create an engaged and high‐performing workforce. Our Lean Working methodology will help you
become leaner, more efficient, and more customer focused.

With years of global experience of VM, we can ensure the best fit is achieved for your business in system development, software agents, custodian partnerships and outsourcing solutions. Either through tailoring piecemeal solutions or conducting a full review, with recommendations, our focus is to enhance your bottom line and provide a sustainable solution.

Our assurance reviews will help you gain an objective view on the status, capability and likelihood of success of key parts of your business activity. These include Programmes and Projects, Risk Management, Efficiency, Customer Focus, IT Governance, Effective Teams and Vendor Management. 

We can help you implement technology change whether through business and enterprise system implementation and/or platform and system integration. We provide full life cycle implementation guidance and support for a business systems re-engineering exercise or a module-by-module implementation, as well as work on Strategy Alignment and IT Governance.

6. Outsourcing

Our global Outsourcing experience and approach can help you assess whether you are outsourcing the right process, rather than a ‘problem’ or unstable process. Our proven rigorous approach will help you stabilise the process and environment to be outsourced, and manage the Outsourcing programme efficiently.

Whether outsourcing an entire Human Resources function or strategically defined processes, significant benefits can be achieved by any organisation. Aerice can support the outsourcing of any or all of these activities, from complete management and process to outsourcing vendor selection, leaving the client organisation to concentrate on their core competency.

Many companies claim how they value their customers but few manage that value with a rigorous, quality approach. We have a powerful customer engagement programme aimed at developing customer dependency, resulting in increased loyalty to your brand through a fully integrated marketing approach.

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