Hey there, thanks for visiting my website. My name is Alex Togashi. A 10th grader under Mr. Piazza's homeroom.

You can call me whatever you want. I've had soooo many nicknames throughout my school life. Shyu-chan, Atex, Mama, King, and etc.

I was born in Los Angeles, in the hospital of UCLA. Yes, that's where Michael Jackson died! Since both of my parents are Japanese and raised me in Hokkaido, I have a first and middle name. Alex is my middle name and Shyusuke(柊介) is my first name. So technically my full name would be Shyusuke Alex Togashi. 

I always stayed in HIS since Preschool, which means I've been in this school for around 10 years. If you have any questions about HIS, ask me. This also means that I've never moved outside of Hokkaido.

Iwamizawa is the city I live. Most of my relatives also live there, so I would meet them almost every week. It takes around an hour and a half to get to school from my house. It sounds hard core but once you get use to it, it's not much of a big deal. Although snow disturbs me every year. Since I use the JR train to get to Sapporo, there would always be a 10 or 20 minute delay on the trains. Sometimes even an hour! When you see me being tardy during winter, just tell the teacher it's the JR :DD

Some people might describe me as a car racer. Yes, I've done a motor sport called Racing Kart. Not Go-Karts, they are something COMPLETELY different. Since 4th grade I've raced with my kart and competed in the Whole Hokkaido Tournament when I was in 8th grade. Surprisingly, I ended the season being 1st! I also went through a scholarship to compete in a race in Honshu. There, I won one race out of three. Pretty cool eh.

Three years ago, I started playing basketball. It's was a sport I use to hate but ended up being one of my favorite sport. In my Middle school years, I've went to Kobe and also went to Yokohama last year for the JV tournament. 

If you want to know more about me, just talk to me! I'm usually in Mr. Piazza's room during lunch time, haha.

It is an anonymous quote, but it's been my favorite quotes since 6th grade.

"My certificate is my grave stone. I learn everyday."

Favorite Categories


        - I spend 90% of my free time in front of a screen. I usually play games, such as League of Legends

        - Photography is one of my favorite hobbies. You would see me with a camera always during school trips


    Math Class
        - No other class is as relaxing as Math Class, for me. I've always enjoyed learning new mathematics.

        - A cram school which I been in since 1st grade. Currently I'm ranking in top 100 math Kumon students in Hokkaido.


        - I enjoy American Pop music the most, such as Maroon 5.

        - After watching a Japanese movie called 20th Century boy, I was hugely influenced by Rock music. I don't listen that much to Rock but I do like U2 and T-Rex


        - A French Movie called "Intouchables" is one of my favorite movie I watched.

        - I watch some Jiburi movies and movies from Detective Conan.

        - Love the Die Hard series. John McClane is my favorite :DDDD

    Science Fiction
        - Can't forget about the Terminator, Men In Black, Matrix series. Sci-Fi is the movie type I enjoy the most.


    Gaming Gear
        - Razer is my favorite brand for gaming gears. I have a Deathadder and a Kraken 7.1 right now. Planning to get a Razer keyboard soon.