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About me:

Creative, charismatic and diligent are words that my friends use to describe me.

I consider myself to be a humble, caring and disciplined young woman. Traversing the great Atlantic ocean and settling in the United States has taught me the fundamentals of life.

Now, as a young adult I am focused on striving to reach the epitome of my dreams which is to become a health care practitioner, specializing in the area of oral health. To do so I am committed to doing my part in order to making it a reality.

I do realize that I cannot do this all by myself, hence, as part of my growth process I embarked on sharing inspiration through my blog: Climb.Reach.Achieve and my experiences as I pursue my career as a Dentist through my other blog: Stu-DENT Diaries.

I do hope that in the process I can uplift, inspire and motivate young adults to strive for excellence and never give up on their dreams. Or, as a great American, Helen Keller once sagaciously said, Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.

 I can be no one but me, I am:

* a Dental Student
* an avid reader;fav. author is Robin Cook
* a good listener
* humble
* known to be quiet/ very reserved
* an inspiration to those I meet
* I try to be positive always
* I enjoy the finer things in life
* Biggest hobbies are blogging and photography
* Places I have to travel before I die include:
            ~ Australia
            ~ Africa
            ~ The Middle East
            ~ Asia
* the kindest person I know
* My only pet is a gold fish called Sunshine
* I am a fan of natural beauty
* I am a mark. representative

more to come...

Dental School Update

D1-Semester 1 Courses:
- Gross Anatomy
- Biochemistry
-Introduction to Clinical Dentistry
- Occlusion

~ So far exam 1 and several quizzes are covered for all the above courses.  Doing well so far. Midterms on the way.
~ Mid-terms are in progress. 2 more to go...
~ One more mid-term to go...
~ Mid-terms are long over. A bunch of exams then...finals!
~ Finals are well on their way. Wish me lots of luck! 12/03/10-12/14/10
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