The 2018 Pledge Campaign

 The theme for our 2018 Pledge Campaign is inspired by the words that we hear during the beginning of every Sunday service. “Almighty God, to you all hearts are open, all desires known and from you no secrets are hid...”   Open hearts are what we need to receive God’s special invitation to be with Him at the Table and to receive the mystery of the Body and Blood of his Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

             As we wait for the calling of our new rector, it is all too easy for us to withdraw and close ourselves off. Jesus encourages us in difficult times to open our heart to God.  Has your heart been open to yourself to know the gifts God has given to you?  Has your heart been open to others and have other opened their hearts to you?  And how can the heart of St. Thomas’ open itself to those outside our walls as well as those inside our walls?

             The way our hearts are open at St Thomas’ Episcopal Church has a profound impact within our parish, our local community, our Diocese and, indeed, around the globe. We will highlight these missions and ministries throughout the Fall, beginning on Stewardship Sunday October 1, 2017

            Over the course of the following 6 weeks you will hear about the wide variety of ways that St. Thomas’ opens its heart for the furtherance of God’s work.

Our pledge campaign target for this year is pledges totaling $400,000. This represents a 3% increase over the amount pledged for 2017.

We are also aiming to secure the support of 80 pledgers.

In the Narthex you can see graphic representation of our progress towards this goal. Each brick in our pyramid represent a pledge.

The church leadership (Vestry, Search and Stewardship Committees) have already pledged and, as a group, increased their pledges by 3.8%

  Our Stewardship Campaign will conclude on Ingathering Sunday November 12, 2017 where we will be blessing all the pledges received for 2018. It will be a big celebration! We hope you can join us in pledging to St. Thomas in 2018.

 With hearts open with gratitude for your presence among us at St. Thomas’

St. Thomas’ Stewardship Committee

Toby Bush
Steve Wickman
Jean Kemp
Melinda Fairchild



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