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Your 2020 CV: This is for Year 7                                                 
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Presentation is your choice...

Weeks 1-3   ME

Must Haves:

  • Name, images, family description, family tree

  • Cultural influences, values, traditions

  • Personal mantra (whakatauki)

  • Role Models-school, wider community, worldwide

  • Interests and passions

  • Memories and archives-your choice!

  • Ten words to describe me

  • A Day in the Life of Me (Diary-timed)-pick a day

  • Favourite meal

  • Music that represents me

  • Best day ever

Weeks 4-6  Learning Pathways                                                          

Must Haves:

  • Schools attended so far

  • Achievements, sporting, academic, personal

  • Goals: personal and academic (Current: Reading, Writing, Mathematics)

  • Sample of best learning- Writing, Art, rich tasks, presentations

Weeks 7-9  Future You

Must Haves:

  • Future  secondary school

  • Education after leaving school

  • Where do you see yourself at 25?

  • Your wishes, your desires for your life

  • What would you do in a day if you had a choice, all expenses paid

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